Gustafsons Take Top Spots In First Striders Winter Race

John Gustafson and Kathy Gustafson finished one-two in the first race of the Chautauqua Striders Winter 5K Series on Saturday.

Using age-graded scoring, which utilizes statistical tables to compare the performances of runners against others of either gender and/or of any age group, John Gustafson posted a time of 19:50 and Kathy Gustafson finished in 21:49.

Sixteen-year-old Drew Braden of Cattaraugus was third with an 18:07 followed by Naomi Hahn of Warren at 21:02 and Grant Vincent of Randolph at 21:06.

There were 51 runners in the event.


John Gustafson, Jamestown, 19:50; Kathy Gustafson, Jamestown, 21:49; Drew Braden, Cattaraugus, 18:07; Naomi Hahn, Warren, 21:02; Grant Vincent, Randolph, 21:06; Adam Rowe, Ripley, 23:12; Chad Gross, Cambridge Springs, Pa., 18:29; Acacia Barber, Frewsburg, 22:12; Judy Porpiglia, Sinclairville, 23:27; Judy Rowe,. Ripley, 28:00; Mark Desaulniers, Lily Dale, 22:43; Gene Watchey, Lakewood, 24:00; Alan Braden, Cattaraugus, 20:48; Kris Meekins, Bemus Point, 24:04; Barbara Gross, Wattsburg, Pa., 25:57; Remington Whitcomb, Jamestown, 20:12; Jeff Ryan, Jamestown, 24:04; Jay Oste, Jamestown, 21:25; Lydia Samuelson, Ashville, 26:43; Toby Gifford, Frewsburg, 21:37; Trenton Dippold, Russell, Pa., 20:40; Holly Griffith, Kennedy, 23:32; Dylan Davis, Frewsburg. 20:38; Mac Mackenzie, Jamestown, 36:06; Lori Hahn, Warren, 24:32; Ivan King, Clymer, 24:11; Jayden Kinnear, Jamestown, 22:07; Jeremy Blosser, Erie, 23:49; George Anderson, Panama, 27:14; Hannah Sullivan, Lakewood, 25:37; Scott Gross, Edinboro, 22:10; Lily Nelson, Jamestown, 26:31; Jeff Rupp, Jamestown, 25:46; Marcia De La Cerda, Lakewood, 39:49; Cory Fenerahn, Falconer, 25:15; Micah Barber, Frewsburg, 25:34; Mary Nelson, Jamestown, 36:59; Sarah Olson, Jamestown, 28:14; Kevin Kupniewski, Erie, 27;01; Jacob Johnson, Lakewood, 27:44; Susan Rapp, Sugar Grove, 35:54; Roxanne Buffone, Jamestown, 34:08; Emmy Desaulniers, Lily Dale, 38:33; Melissa McWilliams, Jamestown, 36:03; Lyndsey Doppold, Russell, 35:03; Michelle Carlberg, Frewsburg, 34:34; Jessica Dopler, Dunkirk, 34:34; Jackson Engdahl, Lakewood, 32:62; Michael Abt, Erie, 43:10; Jill Vincent, Falconer, 42:24.