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809 days ago.
by JaketheRealist

Area children destroying neighborhood

I dont understand why some children are left to do as they please without any supervision. Lately a couple of people moved to the area with several children. These kids are left to do as they please. They have gone onto other peoples property and destoyed things that do not belong to them. They use horrid language and cuss at you if you say anything to them. I know for a fact that the parents are on social services and do nothing all day so why not take care of your children These kids are terrorizing our dog. Whats going to happen when she bites one of these little brats I have screamed at them all the time for coming onto my property and harrassing our dog I even called the police several times they said that they cant do much. So whats a person to do. I cant afford to buy another house so what can I do. I know If I acted like thse kids my parents would knocked some sense into me. These kids even call there parents obscene names.


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As a child rowing up on Spring Street I was kicked out of the house after breakfast and wasn't allowed back in until lunch, and then the same schedule until dinner. We raised cain, snuck into gardens, stole up apple and peach trees, robbed rhubarb patches,played games of chase that encompassed the whole neighborhood which generally included front porches, and generally raised holy hell, etc., etc.. An older woman who is now one of the last remaining parents of my childhood now says, "I miss the noise of the children more than anything else". Sound's like your neighborhood's demographics are going to pot. Sell out and move.

Posted 809 days ago.

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