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The Canada Goose

Goose Calls And Body?Language

May 24, 2014
By Crin Fredrickson , Post-Journal

Duck, duck, goose! The Canada goose is a common sight in our neck of the woods; many of us can recognize their familiar calls or even their v-shaped flying formations as a sure sign that the seasons are changing. But there is more to this large waterfowl than meets the eye (or the ear). For example, did you know that the male and female have different calls? The male has a two-syllable call that is often described phonetically as "ahonk." The second syllable is higher than the first. The female, however, has a very distinct call. Hers is a single syllable that is higher and shorter than the males -"hink." The truly intriguing part is that the separate calls are often staggered into a perfect duet that is timed to sound like a single bird calling. In fact, if you were to hear only the female's call you might never guess it came from a Canada goose. The best way to hear the two sounds separately is when a pair flies overhead. As one bird passes you may be able to pick out the nasally male call or the high female response.



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