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Can Someone Please Pass The Plate Of Anxiety?

August 11, 2013

''I've got a lot on my plate.'' I cringe each time I hear someone exclaim that overused cliche. What exactly does it mean for those who experience anxiety on a variation of an old theme? ''I've got a lot going on statement often follows as an accompaniment to the aforementioned sentiment. Let's do the math here. First, I imagine on a literal plane a plate filled with a large assortment of foodstuff from a buffet. For those who've indulged, well, you get the picture. It looks scrumptious and until you consume the contents, you can't imagine any additional delights. You carefully balance the plate hoping nothing will fall before you charge with the gastronomical experience. Back to the math. How many items literally are are your proverbial plate? Have some been there just recently? Have any been hanging out too long? Here's a shocker for you ... do you even know what exactly what you're referring to ''on your plate?'' Add all the items on ''your plate'' times all the folks sharing that sentiment, you've got a mountain of anxieties bulging like a too full belly at a buffet. ''Those other items are appealing, however, I can't take on any more.''



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