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Logic, Common Sense Will Provide Real Solutions

March 10, 2013
By John M. Babcock (

As I sit reading The P-J with cable news on in the background this early Friday morning, it's being reported that authorities continue the search for former LA police officer Christopher Dorner. The man believed to be heavily armed on a killing rampage in southern California. The split-screen picture shows Dorner screen left and three armed law enforcement officials screen right. The three law enforcement officials shown look to be in full combat gear; as should be as they have been targeted in the manifesto written by Dorner, labeled now a domestic terrorist, with a $1 million reward offered for his capture. A closer look at the weapons the authorities are carrying look to be semi-automatic and more likely full automatic weapons with high capacity magazines; again as should be. It is being reported that hundreds or possibly thousands of these heavily armed officials are searching for this one heavily armed man. It is also reported these officials are conducting a very dangerous door-to-door search for the suspect. Imagine being one of the homeowners of the very dangerous door-to-door search Dorner may be conducting, looking for a place to hide! These law enforcement officials have with them the fire power they know is necessary should they and Dorner meet. Now imagine Dorner, or a group of heavily armed men attempting to do harm to you or your family. Do you believe a five- or six-shot revolver; a pistol with a 10-round magazine; a shotgun; or owning no gun at all is going to end the confrontation in your favor? These law enforcement officials believe not!



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