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Iraqi Blame?

June 23, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: Before you ask the question of whether or not we should have left soldiers in Iraq you need to ask this question: should American soldiers be immune from criminal prosecution......

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Jun-26-14 4:11 PM

Blues, You $ formerly well kow that the Isis group is now gaining possession of some of the WMDs as we speak. They were there sure enough. some went into burial, some across borders, some still warehoused in Iraq.

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Jun-25-14 5:10 PM

david, see 18 trillion & rising

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Jun-25-14 3:35 PM

Hey whiskers,

Do you get any of your information from any source not part of the RW media? You sound like Faux News ... or Hannity ... or Limbaugh.

Just asking.

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Jun-25-14 3:31 PM

So Carla, I guess leaving our soldiers in a war zone exposed to prosecution by the host country is your idea of our duty, and refusing to allow that is grounds for blame.

What a sweetheart.

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Jun-25-14 6:52 AM

Kerry, Clinton, Biden, and Schumer . . . .to name a few democrats in a democratic heavy senate voted for the IRAQ war . . . If things keep going as they are going the USA will go down in history as 1 of the dumbest nations in the history of mankind with OBAMA leading the charge into sheepville . . . . Scrap the 2A and the cycle will be complete . . . HEINOUS

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Jun-24-14 5:42 PM

funny monkeyboy, (Benghazi, Afghanistan, solindra, NSA, IRS, Cash for Clunkers, Stimulus (trillion lost), Enemy generals released, The one released in 2009 is now killing 10s of thousands, 145 million for golf & vacations, hiding from crisis, etc etc etc, ....and you say "weapons of mass destruction" give me abreak! The Isis is capturing some of thos weapons of M.D. as I type. give me a break

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Jun-24-14 12:00 PM

Sometimes "blames" are cast on the wrong person(s),[like poor old B.H.O.]. In 2008 after winning the presidential election, Barack Hussein Obama trotted out in that sorry, smug, complacency of give his victory speech — a speech of DEFEAT for America — and stated something that slid past everyone’s attention: “Chicago is coming to Washington DC.” The crowd there in Chicago cheered and fools wept with joy. But no one realized exactly what that meant: the thug-style corruption that has defined Chicago politics was coming to the nation’s capitol — and indeed it has. It has "slithered" in. Keep up the good work B.H.O. in total "transparency".

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Jun-23-14 8:27 AM

See Status of Forces Agreement Signed by W. Bush in Dec of 2008 for all the details.


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Jun-23-14 7:38 AM

Are you talking about W. Bush?

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Jun-23-14 5:55 AM

As usual, the Commander and Chief is blameless.

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