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Ellicott Bait And Shoot Project Starts

January 24, 2014

ELLICOTT— After months of planning, the bait-and-shoot program in Ellicott has finally started....

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Jan-29-14 12:27 PM

break out the kleenex.

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Jan-27-14 12:55 PM

At this early stage of development ( roughly about 1/3rd their way through gestation) the deer fetuses are non-viable, there's nothing "to take care of", other than to dispose of it along with the rest of the offal/carcass in accordance with the regulations associated the permit issued to the town. I'm certain that the DEC office in Buffalo (General Info Desk @ 851-7000) will provide the particulars about this specific permit if you call them.

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Jan-27-14 9:41 AM

btw, NO ONE has answered the question about how the fawn fetuses are "taken care of".

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Jan-27-14 9:39 AM

KCW007, thanks for the reasonable, non-accusatory response. formerlyphil, no need for such a defensive, off topic remark. My interests and concerns about "human fetuses" have nothing whatsoever to do with the question, and besides, that would be none of your business and completely unrelated to a deer bait and shoot.

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Jan-27-14 9:11 AM

If you're going to worry about pregnant deer, and by extension the welfare of born fawns until they can take care of themselves, then they'd have to limit a "bait & shoot" cull program to about mid September thru the 1st "rut" in about mid Nov. Unfortunately there's so much food around during that late summer- early fall period (standing corn, buck wheat, apples, etc., etc.) that baiting would prove inefficient, especially when compared to the results seen during mid-winter.

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Jan-25-14 5:59 PM

i hope you people that are so concerned about deer fetuses are as concerned, if not more (should be more), about human fetuses. i bet you're not.

also it bears saying that during gun season & the late gun season any hunter can shoot a doe that is already impregnated.

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Jan-25-14 10:47 AM

"Why this time of year?" Because the job can be done most efficiently during mid winter conditions. The deer's traditional/natural food sources are typically most limited at about point in the year, and as they are generally hungry they are most readily/quickly attracted to bait during this time period. The idea is get a nasty job over with as quickly as possible within the various parameters established by the DEC.

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Jan-25-14 6:30 AM

I am simply amazed at the ignorance of some people - or perhaps some ill informed. WHy make comments on here if you do not have the facts. The Mayor is baiting but he is not a shooter. This is in Ellicott not in Lakewood.

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Jan-24-14 8:38 PM

Why this time of year?? What will you do with the living fetuses of the pregnant does? The public should know. Maybe just leave them in a gut pile for predators so you can then declare a war on them, too? You're all so creative when it comes to killing wildlife, so do tell us.

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Jan-24-14 5:19 PM

I would bait and shoot in the fall before they are pregnant now you are killing two at a time,also they have lost alot of weight. DEC SHOULD LET PROPERTY OWNERS TAKE THEM BUT THATS THE GOVERNMENT FOR YOU VERY SMART.

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Jan-24-14 3:07 PM

Have a deer problem, put out food and attract even more deer. Rich people of Lakewood, buy deer repellant and spray your shrubs. End of problems.

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Jan-24-14 3:05 PM

We are shooting deer because they are eating the shrubs of rich Lakewood residents. The meat is going to St. Susans or the like.

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Jan-24-14 11:16 AM

Hopefully they will hook up with an organization like Hunters for the Hungry. Over the last 20 years in Virginia they have supplied the needy with 5.2 million pounds of high protein, low fat venison.

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Jan-24-14 11:00 AM

Can we cure Jamestown's H3roin problem the same way?

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Jan-24-14 9:26 AM

and just what are they gonna do with the deer meat?

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Jan-24-14 8:55 AM

bout time! i was just getting ready to plug the varmints

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Jan-24-14 8:11 AM

Oh, what mighty warrior's....saving the world from great dangers.

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Jan-24-14 7:32 AM

The mayor and his friends just happen to be shooters. Can you say P.E.T.A.

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Jan-24-14 7:23 AM

bring forth the whiners...

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