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Start-Up NY Creates Uneven Playing Field

January 23, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: It was around noon on Christmas Eve. I had a decision to make. I could go to a big box store or a small business for a Christmas gift. I decided to go to the small business....

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Jan-29-14 4:20 PM

No, apologeticsnow, government does a cost/benefit analysis and puts their resources where they will do the most good. This is how successful organizations do things. It has nothing to do with "picking winners and losers."

Businesses are not people, sir. The people who run businesses are (or, rather should be) politically equal, the organizations they run are not. That's why tax and other laws treat businesses and people differently. Equating marriage equality to the distribution of tax benefits to business is an egregiously specious comparison. It's a false equivalence no matter how you try to spin it.

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Jan-25-14 1:57 PM

In others words, Em, government picks winners and losers and plays to its favorites. That's not true to the free market way of doing things in an economy on a level playing field. Are you suggesting uneven playing fields are fair and equal, in light of the big deal you make about equality? You say that small businesses are not people. How does that make the owners and managers feel when you say that? I guess that is a convenient way to make an unlevel playing field when you dehumanize the personal and make it just a matter of impersonal businesses.

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Jan-24-14 11:34 PM

Since most small businesses fail within the first few years, for any number of reasons, the benefit of giving new business temporary tax breaks helps insure they survive and become established. Established businesses don't really need that kind of help. Maybe that's why the government thinks it's a good idea?

I'm not even going to start addressing some of the other ludicrous points made in this letter, like comparing a business to a committed and monogamous same sex marriage. Businesses aren't people, my friend.

New business in the county provides new jobs. Established businesses that aren't expanding don't. The Start Up campaign leverages our great state university system toward high paying, high tech jobs. Fairness has nothing to do with it.

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Jan-24-14 9:06 AM

Tax the NFL.

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Jan-23-14 4:51 PM

Believe me, I do not have to go to any source beyond the PJ to understand that there is nothing the various TEA (Party, Patriots, Freedomworks, Beckies…) offer other than random complaints with no understanding or hint of method of resolution.

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Jan-23-14 3:27 PM

nonfiction, thank you for acknowledging that the local tea party is not a mouthpiece for the Chamber of Commerce or big corporations, but neither is the National TEA Party Patriots. The national group has take a firm stand against the TPP. What policy does the national group have that shows favoritism to the corporations?

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Jan-23-14 1:56 PM

I work 50 hrs a week. My shopping time starts at 7 pm during the week. Try to find anybody open in downtown at that time except bars. Mel only works 1day a week. The rest of his time is more open than the average person. Makes it easy to shop local.

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Jan-23-14 1:30 PM

Do I agree with start up NY? No. Do I think its fair? No. But its a catch 22, NYS has to do something to try to attract businesses. But they can't just let every business in the state be tax free.

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Jan-23-14 1:24 PM

I don't disagree that the local Tea Party members support local businesses and they are not tied to the CC or corporations. But the TEA Party on the Nat'l stage do not share those views.

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Jan-23-14 1:11 PM

Hopefully this was to bring new business and mfg. to this area. I agree that it may bring competition also. If we gave the same break to businesses that started less than l0 years ago, that would be unfair to one who started 11 yrs. and older. Where do you draw the line? We all have stated we need jobs here, but when a suggestion comes up to encourage it then we complain that it is not fair. Difficult decision.

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Jan-23-14 1:06 PM

loneriderrr, I think that you are right on your last entry. I have appreciated what Vince Horrigan and David Wilfong have said in doing what we can to support local businesses. It may take a little extra effort and sacrifice, but someting like that needs to be done so that they know there are those even as a group who will get behind them.

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Jan-23-14 1:03 PM

Anyone looking to take Cuomo up on his offer should realize that if you're still in business in 10 years, this state will then begin to punish you with some of the highest taxes in the country. Then, if you're lucky enough to still be able to stay in business, you can watch your future prosperity go to a corrupt political establishment and a vast array of benefit programs. These programs are now forced and expanded on us by those with "superior compassion" but, in reality, are nothing more than tools to buy votes.

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Jan-23-14 1:01 PM

duckster, we have common ground: oppostion to the TPP and going the extra mile for the small businessman. Is there any more that we can agree on, like lower taxes, smaller government, less regulation, lower spending, more freedom and balanced budgets?

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Jan-23-14 11:11 AM

I have no particular gripe with expansion around universities if it will help with the new medical tech. corridors. I also have to say that I have a real disdain for the tea party. However, in fairness 1.) the TPP is a bad deal for us here at home and 2.) I never shop wal mart and really try to support my local guys. is not that hard to spend an extra 60cents for a loaf of bread..

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Jan-23-14 10:46 AM

Carlaw, I appreciate your sentiments and I see your point. It makes me reflect on and consider them. There were two things which I intended to address. One is the unfairness to the local small businesses who have been here right along but do not get the favored treatment that new businesses and businesses out of the state will get in setting up shop here. So, the TEA Party wants to act in good faith towards them recognizing the disadvantages they have and doing something pro-actively for them. The second thing has to do with addressing this rumor and false perception among people, like Sam Sabino and others like him even on this very thread, like nonfiction, who contend that we are in cohoots with the corporations and/or the Chamber of Commerce. That is not so. Our opposition to the TPP is not what the Chamber of Commerce and big corporations want from us. We're not beholden to them. We are for fairness in the free market and wary of government intervention as in the TPP and StartUpN

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Jan-23-14 10:30 AM

Harold, your question gets to the heart of the matter. Is Startup NY fair for the businesses who have been here throughout the years under one of the most unfriendly business environments in the country? How does that make them feel when new businesses coming in from out of the state get the great breaks?

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Jan-23-14 9:29 AM

Obviously the previous posters do not care for the writer or the TEA party, but that aside, is it fair to bring new businesses into the state and give them a major tax advantage to compete against existing businesses that have struggled to exist in NYS?

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Jan-23-14 7:37 AM

Mel, dude, please focus on something when you write. If you want to defend your affiliation with the TEA party then just do that. referencing your local small business purchase and your views on start up NY just made weak tea. Are your sermons this random?

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Jan-23-14 7:21 AM

One of the primary reasons I go to the big box stores is that they are open when I am ready to shop. The local stores are only open when I am working. That problem is something the local stores could easily fix if they wanted to . Be open!

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Jan-23-14 6:42 AM

This is another example of the local TEA Party not in touch with what the TEA Party on the Nat'l level stand for. The Nat'l level TEA Party is backed by the Chamber of Commerce and billionaires who own big box stores and chain restaurants. They could give a hoot, about local business.

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Jan-23-14 6:41 AM

Nice letter but why mention the Teaparty? No need to mention your political affiliation. Mel, that makes your ideas sound contrived and insincere and I am sure that is not the case. The purpose of your letter was to help small business, not promote the Teaparty was it not?

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Jan-23-14 3:48 AM

Mel doesn't mind everybody else paying taxes to plow and salt the road in front of his church. He has more important things to do with the money people GIVE him, like telling the rest of us how we are suppose to live.

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Jan-23-14 3:00 AM

Anyone else note the irony of a guy in the biggest tax-free business in the country complaining about unfair tax breaks?

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