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CVCS Releases Terms Of Administrative Resignations

December 11, 2013

SINCLAIRVILLE — One month after the sudden departure of its superintendent and high school principal, the Cassadaga Valley Central School District has disclosed the terms of agreements with its......

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Dec-13-13 12:15 PM

Sounds like we have some folks piping in here about the Union. Must be YOU are suckling on the big teat. Getting the free ride on the gravy train. Don't talk to me about my lunch break. You know nothing at all of which you speak. All I know for sure is the cost of the union labor in my line of work is costing our company the work we are quoting. It is all going to Asia. Keep on working that Union teat as long as you can. It is growing dark. Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

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Dec-11-13 9:18 PM

Bad snow storm...........probably the teacher union's fault. Let's get rim of them for sunny weather.

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Dec-11-13 5:04 PM

Bring the teachers' union down? This superintendent and principal are not in the teachers' union.

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Dec-11-13 2:47 PM

kind of sad.. being hot 4 teacher cost this guy a good gig.. why are these guys so prudish? If they had an affair that is no big deal...what am I missing here? Were they caught having sex out on the playground in front of schoool kids? seriously.. what happened here?

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Dec-11-13 11:54 AM

"start by bringing down the teachers Union" Unions served as the back bone of Labor. Your 40hr work week, lunch break, holiday time off etc... you owe it all to Unions! Yeah lets get rid of the Unions and trust the righteous, caring business owners who never have their own best interests in mind! yeah right, gimme a break.

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Dec-11-13 9:43 AM

Come on post journal let me say H*ll in a comment.

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Dec-11-13 9:42 AM

Hey, this is a*****of your own making. Quit crying about it and DO SOMETHING about it. Let's start by bringing the teachers union down! That would be a step in the right direction.

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Dec-11-13 9:30 AM

The board is only hiding behind the lawyers who really run the show. Smith walks out with a full pension and 90 days severance. DiDomenico walks out with full tenure and full pay to 6/14. CVCS gets another womanizer in Schmidt and gets to pay all of the bills.

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Dec-11-13 8:30 AM

And this is how we teach our children? Misbehave and you get rewarded for it? Disgusting like everything else in NYS public school education.

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Dec-11-13 8:28 AM

the jerk should be in jail, just another public school perv

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Dec-11-13 7:12 AM


In public schools? Very rarely. To terminate someone it cost the school up to or over a million dollars because of due process agreements in their contract. School employees know this so they drag to their feet.

In this case I think this was to avoid a law suit of any kind from either party. Just pay them their salary for a year, and its cheaper than a potential law suit. CVCS was probably advised to take this route by their legal team.

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Dec-11-13 7:02 AM

People getting paid to not must be a disease in this country. How can these people cash those checks with a clear conscience?

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Dec-11-13 6:52 AM

Doesn't anyone just get flat out fired anymore? Do they all receive parting gifts? What is wrong with this picture?

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Dec-11-13 6:19 AM

Is something missing here or am I a bit old fashion? Paying salary, benefits, tenure,etc, etc into the future for individuals, who I guess, mis-behaved in the performance of their duties? Perhaps I just an not an informed citizen and perhaps they did not in fact mis-behave. Perhaps I am the confused one.

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Dec-11-13 6:01 AM

Considering the circumstances as we surmise them. The Board of Education did an OUTSTANDING job of protecting the district and this proves it.

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