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Opponents Of Affordable Health Care Need Better Ideas

September 30, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: In a recent speech referencing the Tea Party’s last ditch frenzied attempt to prevent 30 million Americans from purchasing affordable health care, the president made several......

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Oct-10-13 9:02 AM

A better idea would be for government to just pay for "pro bono" work done by hospitals and doctors as needed. It could be in the form of tax credits. Right now docs just get shafted by uninsured who don't pay for work performed. Give the doc a tax write off for this work performed. Incentives to treating poor and uninsured. A win win. Would cost far less than what is being proposed now.

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Oct-04-13 4:01 PM

I disagree with Obamadontcare now at 10,000 pages of new taxes.

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Oct-03-13 2:27 PM

Just ran into a left winger from school days who thinks the Republicans stopped payment of veterans...too much mainstream lies fed by the Obama people.

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Oct-03-13 9:05 AM

Nice letter GRAVEL, however we (in O.R.)disagree.

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Oct-02-13 8:47 AM

Rushie 10:28 pm says: "Are the Amish exempt?" OH, I WISH IT WERE JUST THE AMISH. (Remember when BHO was against the America? now he exempts them.)? President Obama’s health law and the “individual mandate” requiring residents to have health insurance, more than 160,000 others who use health-sharing ministries will be exempt. They’re one of nine exemptions built into the health care law, covering everyone from ILLEGAL immigrants to PRISONERS; those who have religious conscience objections. HEY nobody wants his (BHO) crappy, miserable ideas. Obama doesn't even want it. He just doesn't know this because he hasn't read it either

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Oct-02-13 5:32 AM

boobybull- where you've been? I missed you. Thought maybe you had gotten so distressed by Obama's bungled foreign policy mistakes that you no longer felt obliged to make excuses for Obama any longer.

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Oct-01-13 9:19 PM

there were so few actual facts posted by you nut case righties I thought it was a Sean Hannity blog hahhahahahaha

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Oct-01-13 2:09 PM

StoneJarl, you seem to be OK with helping those with incomes under $50K. Are you OK with Obama giving financial assistance (subsidies) to those on his staff making $175,000 a year?

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Oct-01-13 1:35 PM

poor people might get health care..this is outrageous!!

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Sep-30-13 10:37 PM

Good question Rush. Could be a loophole we can use. Don't know why they would be though. My guess is they will just pay the fine when they file their taxes.

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Sep-30-13 10:31 PM

Ok, I guess I am not getting my point across properly so I will just sum up what I percieve to be the biggest problem. Wealth distribution

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Sep-30-13 10:28 PM

Are the Amish exempt from ObamaCare?

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Sep-30-13 9:08 PM

Ok, let me phrase that so that you understand the problem. What happens when you make over $50,000

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Sep-30-13 8:59 PM

When you file your taxes.

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Sep-30-13 8:52 PM

StoneJarl says, "for incomes under $50,000 there is financial assistance available" Where does this financial assistance come from? Answer that Stone and you'll see why so many are upset.

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Sep-30-13 8:35 PM

Seadog - "May your cup be full if your cup is empty. If your cup is full may it be full again." - J. Garcia. If you have insurance already, be happy.

apologeticsnow - Matthew 29:39

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Sep-30-13 6:38 PM

A least this lie didn't kill thousands of our brave military men and woman. I case you don't know yet, both our political parties lie to get what they want. That is why I won't belong to either party. It saves me a lot of time trying to come up with a reason of why the other parties lies are bigger than my parties lies.

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Sep-30-13 6:12 PM

StoneJarl, what in your mind would meet the criterion of an acceptable constructive criticism? Does Obama not telling the truth that anyone who liked the health insurance would keep it be considered a constructive criticism? Does his lie matter? He said that we would all play be the same rules, but Congress gave them a carve out and he provided waivers to others. Is pointing out his glaring inconsistency a legitimate criticism?

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Sep-30-13 6:12 PM

why is no one on here calling for the end of social security. The politians and gov't empolyes are exempt from that also. Have you ever seen a political motorcade on the open highway, they are exempt from the speed laws and traffic lights also. So let's eliminate all traffic signals and speed limits in the country. This will get a lot of disagrees but that only shows the this argument against Obama care is a joke.

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Sep-30-13 5:17 PM

SEADOG, Obama golfs like a teen GIRL! look on yutube.

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Sep-30-13 5:15 PM

"If Obamacare is so good why does it exempt all the government workers" **To hear the "wonder" BHO talk ABOUT IT... You'd think the Govt. clowns would be begging to get on the plan; Instead, They are running like a dogs from a skunk! (because it STINKS)

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Sep-30-13 1:33 PM

Seadog: EXACTLY!! And do people even KNOW THIS?!?!

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Sep-30-13 1:31 PM

Keep voting for those Dummycrats!!

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Sep-30-13 1:03 PM

I think this is great. We sure got "hope and change." I can't wait til they make groceries affordable, utilities affordable, gas and oil affordable, housing affordable, raising our children affordable, loans affordable, etc...etc. I mean, this is great to have an administration who really have their priorities in order. This calls for another vacation. (Oh, I forgot, I can't afford a vacation.)

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Sep-30-13 12:41 PM

If Obamacare is so good why does it exempt all the government workers responsible for implementing it including congress. If it is so good why are the unions coming out against it. They normally rubberstamp anything the Dems do. All Obamacare does is give employers the incentive to terminate their employees coverage, reduce employee hours,and force everyone into a government controlled system which will reduce the workers coverage in order to give some coverage for everyone. It's simply another form of wealth redistribution.

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