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People Must Demand Change To End Attacks On Poor, Farmers

September 22, 2013

Congress should strengthen, not weaken, SNAP (food stamps). Tens of millions of Americans are hungry, forced to turn to emergency food programs and food stamps (SNAP) to feed their families....

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Oct-03-13 8:46 PM

MONSANTO has cornered 90% of control of farm commodities by suing small farmers out of existence-Genetically altering foods with no accountability to the FDA,and manipulate the laws even of nature by deep pocket lobbying and political contributions to both parties..The Industrialists of Weimar Germany gleefully thought they found their man in Adolph Hitler as he over ran Europe as train loads of 'undesirables' stocked the slave laborer factories and concentration camps and returned to the Fatherland with the wealth and sustenance of their 'neighbors'.Hell,this is America! That can't happen here.Can it?

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Sep-27-13 7:10 PM

War on poverty, war on drugs, a kinder gentler nation, bring people together....blah, blah..

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Sep-27-13 11:14 AM

Government has had since the 1960s to eradicate poverty. Today there are more "poor" than ever, despite spending trillions of other people's money that they haven't even earned yet. "It hasn't worked despite 50 years of trying. Let's keep on doing it!" The definition of insanity...

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Sep-26-13 6:17 PM

I haven't forgotten, and I'm not blind. The alleged hungry are said to be because the activists us nutrition rather than intake. Up to 160% is considered to be poverty level. Phony figures. Look at the poor. Hungry people aren't fat. Ignorant spoiled people are fat. We should get together with "How poor were you" dialog..well, I couldn't afford pop, cigarettes, booze or tattoos. Today, that's unheard of.

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Sep-26-13 2:37 PM

You know, 50s4ever, the folks fighting hardest to starve poor poeple are the same ones taking the most for themselves, and the first to be self-righteous about it.

SNAP is the one program that keeps the unfotunate alive until fortune returns. Very few of the people on this program want to be, nor do they avoid working when work can be obtained.

I've been poor enough that I had to eat oatmeal to survive, that being the only thing I could afford. Now, I live a very comfortable life. The earlier me actually worked harder than the current me, but was less well paid. Life is rarely fair.

I suspect you have never had to deal with that, or maybe you've forgotten. I certainly haven't.

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Sep-25-13 7:12 PM

Those hungry people are fat from junk, won't work at hard labor, or go to where the job is. It's dem party BS. If given a choice between feeding poor and destroying the Republican party, they would let them starve.

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Sep-25-13 3:40 AM

And a*******good one too.

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Sep-24-13 10:16 AM

Drivel. Lop sided, lying drivel.

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Sep-22-13 9:50 AM

wall st gets their stamps..84 billion a month in QE 3 fed money... that is about one YEAR of the snap budget..hmm

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