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Amish Life Endures

September 8, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I have to agree with the lady who wrote concerning the Amish amongst us when you see an Amishman driving his buggy down the road. You are looking at living history....

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Sep-11-13 2:14 PM

"'ll see the same Amishman driving his horse and buggy down the road... like nothing ever happened." Yes. Like nothing ever happened, for the past 200 years. I'll take science, technology and all the 'evils' that such advancements entail any day. Why do we put primitive cultures on a pedestal and view them as if they are somehow better or more pure' than us because they shun technology? Amish, Native Americans, Inuit, Aborigines... are many of them decent, well meaning people? Sure, of course! Do they possess some secret knowledge that we have lost during our mad race for progress and wealth? No. They live a simple lifestyle. That does not make them saints or gurus.

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Sep-11-13 9:08 AM

I can barely keep gas in the Jag

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Sep-11-13 6:05 AM

Zekers, I know what I saw. My income is less than 15 hundred bucks a month, & I can not get any benefits. But then I REPORT my income.. Maybe if the Amish reported their income, they couldn't get Food Stamps, or all that free care in the Emergency rooms..

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Sep-09-13 6:51 PM


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Sep-09-13 2:52 PM

we are the sell outs

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Sep-09-13 12:17 PM

I like this letter and the writer makes a good point: who are the suckers? us or the amish? hmm

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Sep-09-13 9:24 AM

It's the obummer way

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Sep-09-13 9:24 AM

pockets bulging with cold cash. hey, no records of income. we are the saps!

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Sep-09-13 7:52 AM

I spend a lot of time among the Amish community and not once have they used a food stamps card at Walmart considering they do not purchase most of there food. So therefore that individual that you saw on their cell phone and using a good stamps card could not have been Amish considering they do not believe in government assistance.

All of you most likely benefit from the Amish community from buying their baked goods, produce, and flowers. So why doesn't everyone just stop complaining about the Amish community we don't hear them bashing our life style

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Sep-08-13 7:37 PM

Either Mennonites or hanging with English friends.

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Sep-08-13 11:35 AM

Rosebud, I think a lot of people are oblivious to the fact that they are in Walmart to use food stamp cards. I certainly thought they were self sufficient until I actually saw them using their benefit cards myself. I recently saw an Amish man driving his buggy talking on a cellphone too. I would get a ticket for talking. & driving but I guess that it is just one more traffic law they are apparently exempt from.

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Sep-08-13 9:50 AM

I guess the writer has not spent time behind a bunch of Amish in Wal-Mart as they use their Food Stamps & all the time keep up a conversation on their Cell Phone.. Then get into a little red convertible with friends.

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Sep-08-13 9:30 AM

There is a lot I could write about this piece. Maybe later, but it is obvious the writer does not spend time amongst the Amish community.

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Sep-08-13 9:21 AM

Hear, hear.

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Sep-08-13 8:37 AM

Maybe you should join the sect. Sounds like a great life.

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