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Keep Working To Repeal SAFE Act

August 23, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Mr. Alessi, in his August 11 forum letter, is to be commended for his support of Senator Young. His letter, however, goes downhill after the first sentenc....

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Aug-28-13 6:26 PM

Stonjarl just said the poorest, least educated.....that's African American according to Obama's bean counters....are the gun problem. But he killed my post saying so was removed.

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Aug-26-13 1:06 PM

The SAFE act doesn't remove the ability of people to acquire guns. Just makes it harder and restricts a few types.

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Aug-24-13 5:51 AM

Yep. You lose. Loser.

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Aug-23-13 9:03 PM

Point, set, match. It's been fun, thanks for playing.

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Aug-23-13 5:48 PM

If the old guy had pulled a gun and defended himself, there would have been a hate crime, and questions like "have any time since 1935 have you ever used the "N" word? GUILTY!

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Aug-23-13 3:01 PM

Great letter, I thank you for it. But here we go again3 3 teens shot and killed a baseball player as he was jogging. The Antis are already screaming gun control! Really!! Our government Is Chasing Snowden because he had the odasity to expose them for all the things they do behind closed doors. Mr Transparent has more secrets than Russia. I don't trust any democrat or anyone associated with them. After Snowden, the IRS scandal and to say the least the NSA.Its time the American people stand up and defend our rights but most of all our constitution. Just like our forefathers did. Its a sad day when our government is so afraid of the people it has to spy on them in the name of terrorism. People Stand against anyone who tries to change the constitution its all that stands betwwen us and tyranny..

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Aug-23-13 12:26 PM

The Chimera study by the Fata Morgana Institute has shown clear evidence that statistically, income, mental health and IQ are inversely proportional to the number of guns and/or clip round count owned by the test subjects

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Aug-23-13 11:49 AM

I think in today's world, the 2nd amendment and gun rights are solely based on personal protection of ones home our self. I think its reasonal to ask the question what kind of guns do we need to protect our homes?

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Aug-23-13 11:44 AM

Throughout our history, the second amendment has for the most part gone untouched and we've had the 1st and 4th amendment trumbled multiply times. Voters have been always been opressed.

With todays Military and Poilce regardless of the individuals arsenal big picture they're at the gov't mercy. Right or wrong its the way it is. David Stockman, who worked in Reagan's admin claimed the 2nd amend has little relevance today based on the power of the military and even the police.

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Aug-23-13 10:49 AM


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Aug-23-13 9:52 AM

Safe Act Again? Its flawed we know blah blah.

"Mr. Alessi, you are correct that the Second Amendment doesn't trump the rest of the Constitution. It does, however, provide the means to protect the rest of the constitution"

I would say the first amendment; Freedom of speach and press are the most important. Informed citizens who vote are the building block of any democracy. Especially today with the medias influence.

The idea of the 2nd amendment is a right to bear arms to over throw a tyrant in gov't. The people "over throwing" may not be favored by the majority or in the best interest of the country. Its who can get the most weapons. Remember the French revolution.

You should be able to have any gun you want within reason. Just go get the permit and the background check.

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Aug-23-13 9:32 AM

This is a good letter as it describes that “Governor Cuomo incorrectly used an emergency rule to rush a flawed bill through in the middle of the night, without the stipulated three day consideration period.” Also the supreme court has ruled in McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 3025 (2010) held that the Second Amendment was incorporated. This means that the Court ruled that the Second Amendment limits State and local governments to the same extent that it limits the federal government. It has been ruled and noted many times that the second amendment only reinforces preexisting rights; the Supreme Court ruled that "the right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.” The right to bear arms predates the Bill of Rights (English common-law). My main problem is that Alessi and Cumo seem to ignore all our laws heritage and intentions, and are happy to shove their views on the NYS people.

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Aug-23-13 9:28 AM

The SAFE act doesn't remove the ability of people to acquire guns. Just makes it harder and restricts a few types.

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Aug-23-13 9:22 AM

Obama has shown he doesn't believe in self defense. It puts too many kids who could have been his in danger.

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Aug-23-13 9:01 AM

Great letter. The second amendment doesn't give you the right to kill or maim others for the*****of it. It does however, give you the means to protect yourself from those who would kill or maim for kicks or power.

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Aug-23-13 8:21 AM

Great letter Gary,and you were a great educator as well! I see all these disagrees clicked,but only one negative response posted. I suspect that the ones who disagree with your letter would be none other than the left leaning who are pushing for human rights in such other countries as china,russia,etc. So my question to them is this,do you,me,and everybody have a right to protect themselves? Isn't it a god given right to protect ones self? and if god is a dirty word to those that don't believe,what about self-preservation? While your begging an intruder to do no harm to your wife or teenage daughter while being bound and gagged,I would already be calling the police to report a death by self defense.It's a no brainer for those who have commonsense,this the pinheads could never understand,because it takes commonsense!! Here's to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness!! Sound familiar pinheads!!!

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Aug-23-13 8:03 AM

You'll get sick when you see what Obummacare does to your health care premiums.

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Aug-23-13 7:01 AM

Lol, thanks chappy but I got my own healthcare...I don't get sick.

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Aug-23-13 5:31 AM

great letter Mr.Barton.As for jamestownite if you are that sick use your obamacare to go see a doctor

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Aug-23-13 5:27 AM

I am so sick and tired of reading garbage like this in the PJ..repetitive rhetoric. I've had three unpublished letters that'll never see the light of day, go figure.

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Aug-23-13 5:21 AM

Good letter, Mr. Barton. I get a real kick out of people accusing others for using the 2nd Amendment to justify the "killing or maiming" of other persons. It would be just as fair to accuse Mr. Alessi and his ilk of allowing for the killing or maiming of unarmed, innocent victims deprived of their right to defend themselves from armed criminals who have no consideration for the lives of others.

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