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Public Assistance Integrity Act Is A No-Brainer

July 17, 2013

Would you donate to a charity that supports people’s outings to strip clubs and casinos? How about a charity that pays for people’s tobacco and alcohol purchases? Those types of expenses currently......

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Jul-20-13 10:32 AM

The below message is about the "pretty" welfare.

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Jul-20-13 10:25 AM

The miserable 535 skunks that haven't the grit to enact impeachment where it is CLEARLY due, certainly will not govern THEMSELVES by refusing the taxpayer funded: booze; junkets, holidays (months of em), hookers, bribes, kickbacks, graft, lying, cheating, stealing (of your money & others'), Statues of themselves, libraries, portraits, and freebies too numerous to mention.

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Jul-19-13 7:30 AM

They need to go back to the old voucher system like WIC. It would only allow certain items such as milk, bread, cheese, etc. Healthy items only. The person also needs to be i.d.'d to match the voucher so there is no fraud. No more soda and other junk food either. No more cash assistance ever! Also Social Security (welfare) for children needs to go, so parents can stop living off their kids. I don't see any political parties talking about this, but there are a lot of children that get social security and parents are benefiting and it's bankrupting social security for people who actually paid in. Drug testing for welfare as well and make the person pay for it out of their benefits.

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Jul-19-13 7:20 AM

should be limited time you receive tax dollars , relocate to where jobs are is the American way, what disgust me beginning of month people at store with two shopping carts grazing while they load their carts and never be charged because stores like Wal-Mart figure or has a policy they spend the money there and come back. it's totally disgusting! My father raised me you don't work you don't eat.

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Jul-18-13 7:17 PM

A lot of people on public assistance abuse the system, it is not just the overt fraud. Many "sell" excess food stamp funds for cash. Many spend the money we taxpayers earn and buy themselves tattoos, piercings, flat-screen TV's, computers, cable TV, cars alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, go gambling, and more. Never mind that they obviously have access to an abundance of disposible cash, the benefits are more than what is needed to survive, to provide food, shelter, clothing for themselves and their families to get through a difficult time.

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Jul-17-13 9:58 PM

stop the lies... stop the misinformation

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Jul-17-13 2:49 PM

I take exception to the condemnation of alcohol in this opinion. Many people use wine, beer and some spirits for cooking and for imbibing as a legitimate part of their meals. For most people they are food items and are probably a lot better for you when used judiciously than soda pop and other over sugared and caffeine laden soft drinks.

I bake my own bread and make most meals from scratch and when I am diligent enough to have a little left over in my SNAP account to buy a nice piece of meat or seafood why should I be condemned for my frugality? If someone is buying a steak with SNAP funds they have probably scrimped and saved on other items so they could afford a rare treat. Don't judge if you don't have the whole story.

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Jul-17-13 9:36 AM

btw, your donations to volunteer fire departments are used for alot of those items. The alcohol is stocked, raffles all the time and have you ever seen a convention?

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Jul-17-13 9:31 AM

How is this going to be policed? All I need to do is go to a bank atm and then go to the nearest strip club.

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Jul-17-13 9:01 AM

The way I see it it's more government control. There are those who have put in a lifetime of work and are still years away from retirement. We've been ousted from our companies because we were given pink slips for one reason or another. What happens when you've exhausted your unemployment and done all you can to find work? The last thing many people in those shoes turn to welfare as a last resort because it's always under scrutiny from those who think they know every thing. How do you know that guy who buys that T-bone is going to make a single meal out of it? How do you know the person in front of you using that EBT to use their cash account for alcohol, cigarettes etc hasn't worked before? How quick one is to judge. And no, I am not on welfare, no I am not an alcoholic and I don't smoke.

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Jul-17-13 8:51 AM

How is it fraud if it's legal?

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Jul-17-13 8:35 AM

where they continue

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Jul-17-13 8:35 AM

I agree Ironyooz. But there seems to be no way to hold the people we elect and the people they appoint accountable.They collect big paychecks for saying they know how to fix things and will. They don't and then leave to run for a higher position where the continue the con job.

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Jul-17-13 8:12 AM

"I wish our gov't would concentrate on creating an environment that encourages business and job creation/retention."

The state is dying much the same way as a household dies when the house goes under and the debt is too top-heavy for the revenue to balance it out. There is no way to create jobs; even if NYS cut taxes to zero they wouldn't come because the infrastructure wouldn't get fixed.

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Jul-17-13 8:10 AM

The State is too busy trying to build casinos on every block; bet some of the same people saying this is a punch toward the poor are the same ones who want to initiate casinos everywhere which are a "poor tax" of epic proportions.

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Jul-17-13 7:47 AM

I have to agree with Carlaw. If you are already on welfare, the government basically is already paying you. Whey can't some of these people help in the clean up of the lake, or shovel snow in front of schools, or clean up fields, or any type of work that would say to the public that pays your welfare, THANK YOU.

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Jul-17-13 7:08 AM

While I agree with this act in principle and I'm all for going after abuse, I don't see how this can be enforced effectively. What's to stop someone from withdrawing cash from some where else and using it how they please? I wish our gov't would concentrate on creating an environment that encourages business and job creation/retention. That would also be a big step in solving the welfare problem.

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Jul-17-13 6:56 AM

This act is nothing but lip service to the problem. Since the EBT cards have a cash benefit, the card holders can get cash with the card, then use the cash to purchase items not intended for purchase.

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Jul-17-13 6:55 AM

Mmm. We need to prevent welfare recipients from squandering the tax payers' money on booze but that store in Lakewood is "just like any other business." Anyone see an inconsistency here? And vices can't "prohibit" anything. You mean "inhibit."

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Jul-17-13 6:54 AM

The whole system need to be restructured. The current method is encouraged by grocery stores and businesses that profit from the system. And Why?? Because we let them. Voters should be screaming to elect public officials that promise to take action and reduce the number on welfare to the truly needy. If you can work, you should be required to work to get benefits. There are farm jobs, public clean-up jobs, recycling jobs, conservation and forestry jobs, clean the weeds in the lake jobs etc, that must be done and are ready and waiting. No job is beneath taking welfare away from those who are unable to work. We need to impose large fines on businesses who encourage fraud and keep people in lifetime of lower class poverty.

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Jul-17-13 6:22 AM

Currently allowing these few purchases on EBT cards is just the tip of the iceberg. When an EBT card can be used to purchase hundreds of dollars of candy, fishing bait and more, something is REALLY wrong. And when the holder of an EBT card can pull out a roll of $100 bills for purchases not covered by EBT, need I say more?

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Jul-17-13 5:54 AM

I have to pay sales tax on toilet paper because it is not a 'necessity', yet the same government that forces me to do that gives away money for 'basic subsistence' that includes liquor, tobacco and gambling. Something is VERY WRONG with our Government or society in general. Sad, so very sad!

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