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Community Trying To Comprehend Tragic Deaths

April 19, 2013

In the town of Carroll, where residents claim that they seldom worry about locking their front doors, a double homicide has left citizens in shock....

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Apr-20-13 10:36 AM

The decision to have a weapon or not depends on the individual's ability and willingness to use it if necessary. It is not, and should not, be the governments place to dictate how the individual protects themselves.

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Apr-19-13 6:53 PM

I'm older. My loaded gun is inches away when I answer the door, and elsewhere in the house. One in a locked safe will do me no good. If I have to use it, there will just be one side to the story. If it looks like forensics may betray me to the lib justice system, I will bury the evidence.

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Apr-19-13 4:14 PM

oldlady is exactly right! Gordy chose NOT to have firearms because of the horrors he witnessed as a heroic Marine serving in Vietnam. That knowledge may have played into these psychopaths' decision, no one may ever know. This was an act of pure evil committed against wonderful, peaceful people. ANd yes, to that neighbor D.E., (i won't disclose his full name) you are a hero! To not only notice, but take down and report info on this suspicious vehicle was above and beyond the call of a neighbor. I drive by the Skinners' every day and can't say i would have taken note of such a thing. RIP Gordy and Joyce.

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Apr-19-13 4:05 PM

Heavenhelpus - I believe that you are right about the relative part. I've been told by some close to them that Coggins was a relative of some sort and the others were cronies of his. Gordie had hired them to build a shed or something at his house, and despite their kindness in giving the newly ex-con and his mates a chance to work and make money, they chose to take the opportunity to 'case the joint' so to speak and plant their attempted robbery. That's my take on it anyway. That said, I repeat the 'Thank You' to law enforcement for bringing this to such quick closure! It was truly scary in the 'burg that night and Libertygirl is SO wrong in blaming fear-mongering media. That blame rests solely on these 4 scumbags and I hope they all burn in He!!

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Apr-19-13 3:09 PM

This brutal crime happened because two people were ambushed in their own home. Even if they owned weapons (they didn't) please remember their ages. Gordy was 66 and his wife was about 59. No way could they outrun FOUR strong, brutal maniacs to get to a weapon if they had one. We can never protect ourselves from every event like this but those that choose firearms have every right to do so and should even have a practice scenario with their families just like fire drills. Evil slithered its way up Wheeler Hill but it was defeated. Thank God for the neighbor that got the car and license plate number. We all need to be watchful and caring of each other.

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Apr-19-13 12:48 PM

Semper Fi, rest in peace Mr. and Mrs. Skinner (once a Marine, always a Marine). That said, most likely he had protection in his home. I believe I read or heard that possibly one of the suspects was a relative - so when those low lifes showed at his door, I would assume with the recognition, he would have no reason to run to a gun. Let's keep the 2nd amendment out of this, please. They were brutally murdered in their own home and that is just plain sad. THANK YOU to ALL law officials who have to deal with seeing such ugliness.

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Apr-19-13 10:09 AM

ps: sad to say... if u have guns at home... the likelihood of you warding off a perp vis a vis getting shot yourself is 9-1 against you... hmm

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Apr-19-13 10:08 AM

What a tragedy.. my thoughts and prayers are with the extended family living on wheeler road and in that community.. I am not a fan of our local police (and the local Court fine mills that are in bed with them) However in this particular case I say KUDOS for getting these guys so fast!!!

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Apr-19-13 9:55 AM

Im sorry...ill retract my previous statement about this incident being a shooting. That was misinformation on my part. My condolences to anyone and everyone that was affected by this tragedy. I was by no means trying to belittle the situation. Regardless...this violent crime is another example of why we should not be stripped of the right to arm and protect ourselves. In no way am I shaming the victims by saying they were unable to do so. I am on the side of the people. In light of the recent bouts of shootings or "terrorist" attacks and tragic incidents, I am reaffirming the fact that we as United States citizens should be taking measures to ensure that we have "the ability" to protect ourselves if we are ABLE. You can twist my words and interpret them in any way you must to turn my statements into an attack on the community...but that simply is not the case! Like I said...I am very sorry and you would not be human if you didnt experience some disturbance over thi

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Apr-19-13 9:16 AM

Neighbors are brutslly murdered in a home invasion, and someone thinks the "fear mongering media" is to blame for fear in the community? I can't even wrap my head around such a bizzarre assertion. Does it follow that folks without access to the "fear mongering media" would take news like this in stride, and just go about their business?

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Apr-19-13 8:51 AM

Disagree re: liberty girl. I'm sorry but in this situation you can't tell me an ex marine living where they did, did not have any guns. I'd venture to guess that every residence in that area has more than one type of weapon be it a pistol or a gun for hunting. However, don't be fooled. There are situations where despite having weapons, you get a false sense of security by having them or because of the situation you are faced with. This is not an issue related to the 2nd amendment. Furthermore, by bringing this up in this scenario you come very close to victim shaming for not being able to protect themselves. The accused, if you check their and their friends out on FB and twitter, were delinquents trying to live a "thug" lifestyle. This is in stark contrast to the victims and the community here in Chautauqua, where they have values and morals. This is a cultural issue and the accused are examples of the moral decay that has taken place in some subsets of some communit

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Apr-19-13 8:39 AM

LibertyGirl – Yes you are right that the media causes most of the problems and that we should not give up our guns, but where did you get the info that this was a shooting? Gerace was quoted as saying no firearms were used.

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Apr-19-13 8:04 AM

Granted it is awful that this incident occured...but the problem here is how Timothy Wright goes on to say that thw community is "scared" when things like this happen. The community is a product of the fear mongering media and administration...trying to tell you that you need government to keep you safer. This shooting they couldn't use as propaganda on MSM...this is even more the reason why people need to get up and defend our 2nd Amendment...because once the law abiding citizens turn in their guns (or have them illegally confiscated) all you'll have left is criminals with guns and government with guns...dont sacrifice your liberties for a false sense of security.

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Apr-19-13 5:41 AM

Kudos to the law enforcement and their dilegent work. And thank you so much for working so well together and catching the monsters who did this to such a loving and caring family.

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