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Clock Is Ticking For Mandate Relief

March 20, 2013

Only in New York state can a city lose $268,000 and consider the year a financial success. That’s the case in Jamestown....

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Mar-21-13 5:08 PM

How can unions have room in their pockets for republicans with all those democrats in there?

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Mar-21-13 11:38 AM

Don't like it... MOVE out of Jamestown. Count your losses. 1) get as many credit cards as you can 2) max the credit cards with CASH withdrawls 3) Get a home equity loan from the bank you hate the most 4) Use the Cash and equity to buy old gold coins 5) bury the coins away in a safe place 6) go bankrupt 7) move to some new place with lots of sunshine with your family in the new car you bought because they can not take your car. 8) sell old gold coins for cash (untraceable) 9) rent new place for 5 years 10) buy new home

It's not a quick plan but its better than sitting and spewing off about how bad you have it in Jamestown and maybe you should run for office and do something about it.

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Mar-20-13 1:48 PM

But Ike and Emelye, Its almost certain that they will be re-elected.

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Mar-20-13 1:01 PM

The silence of Cathy Young and Andy Goodell on this issue is deafening!

If Young and Goodell truly were against the continuation of binding arbitration and all of these property tax raising mandates, they would simply say so.

Better yet, they would take on the party bosses in the senate and assembly, as well as the police and fire unions, and LEAD a very public and aggressive effort against binding arbitration.

They would also be very vocal leaders for the repeal of all these other unfunded mandates that are raising taxes and killing jobs in NYS.

But, unfortunately, they sit on their hands and continue to do nothing.

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Mar-20-13 12:05 PM

I think the idea that Republicans Goodell and Young are in the pockets of the unions is ludicrous.

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Mar-20-13 9:12 AM

Here we go again, bashing labor!

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Mar-20-13 8:16 AM

It stands to reason that Chautauqua County and all of NYS will only be attractive for development and start getting the jobs that we need when our TOTAL tax structure is brought into line. And that includes the local tax picture with our high property taxes.

Property taxes can only be cut when the cost structure is lowered.

The cost structure will only be lowered when the state starts eliminating the laws and mandates on local governments and schools that are driving their costs through the roof.

And the mandates, starting with all of these stupid labor laws, will only be addressed when our legislators, and that means you Cathy and Andy, get out of the pockets of the big labor unions, and start representing the people who are clamoring for these necessary changes.

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Mar-20-13 8:08 AM

Outstanding editorial PJ and a good comment Citizen 99.

It does no good for the Mayor and his colleagues around the state being out there alone banging away on this mandate relief stuff.

Where are our legislative leaders and our own Cathy Young and Andy Goodell. They say one thing and do absolutely NOTHING.

This binding arbitration stuff for police and paid fire fighters is the biggest sham out there and the Legislature, including our own reps are right in the hip pockets of the unions.

Shame on them!

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Mar-20-13 5:56 AM

Where is the outrage by Assemblyman Goodell and Senator Young? This issue should be a priority for both the Assembly and Senate but from what I read in this editorial they appear to be silent on this and willing to allow constituent municipalities to take the hit on contract negotiations. Coumo could use his bully pulpit and refuse to sign a budget that does not contain the 2% cap. Lack of leadership? Also, where is the leadership of the Unions on this. If the City has truly done all it can to control costs and increase the tax base then come to the table and negotiate based upon what the City (a taxpayer supported entity) can afford. It may not be in the long term best interest of the unions to continue to hold taxpayers hostage to contracts we (city taxpayers) cannot afford to pay. From the City's side, is there a plan in place to increase the tax base? Removing residential and commercial blight is a good step but what is the plan to attract new business, industry & residents?

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