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UN?Proving It Is Irrelevant

March 18, 2013

North Korea’s government has declared the 1953 armistice that ended fighting in the Korean War has been canceled. Not to worry, a United Nations spokesman assured reporters the same day....

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Mar-22-13 12:03 PM

50s4ever apparently also carries over the defensive, militaristic paranoia of the '50s as well.

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Mar-21-13 10:40 AM

monkey it was a comment on overdrive thinking tiny little Cuba couldn't be a threat. I pointed out that a mere handful of Arabs were. See it now? You don't have to be China size to hurt us.

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Mar-20-13 12:14 PM

It's through the UN that worldwide economic sanctions are being created drawing the noose tighter and tighter around the necks of countries like N. Korea and Iran. How else would we be able to at least slow down their militaristic actions? Without the UN and its powers, it's very possible that Iran would have plenty of nukes a;ready and NK would be able to send rockets into Kansas City.

Is the UN perfect? Of course not, but don't ignore the good they do in favor of right wing propaganda points.

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Mar-19-13 8:04 AM

overdrive--A handful of Arabs? No way.

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Mar-19-13 12:27 AM

You think tiny little Cuba is a threat? If we did nothing instead of the stupid embargo, they would have even less power. Cuba?

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Mar-18-13 9:16 PM

Cuba is still like Chavez...based their whole system on hating America. Ever notice that commie governments are always led by iron fisted dictators?

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Mar-18-13 9:14 PM

If you think china is our friend and isn't waging war against us in their own way at this moment, ou are asleep.

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Mar-18-13 7:37 PM

No more Communists to fight after the collapse of the Soviet Union. China is a most favored nation for trade. Whether you approve or not, that removes them from the enemy list.

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Mar-18-13 5:14 PM

I think we should let the UN decide on how gays should be treated.

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Mar-18-13 5:11 PM

No more commies? What camp did they hold you in? California or DC?

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Mar-18-13 4:25 PM

@50s4ever Like it or not the 50s are over. There are no more Communists to fight. It's over. Reagan put the final stone on the grave 30 years ago.

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Mar-18-13 3:26 PM

According to CNN, China is getting fed up with the whackjob in N. Korea. You may see them step away at some point, if it gets too bad. "China is a great power that is increasingly concerned with its standing in the world, and with cultivating "soft power." Beijing's support for North Korea's ruthless, bloody regime -- that attacks its neighbors, and brutalizes its people at home -- only draws attention to China's own human rights failings, and undermines China's soft power. Because the specter of North Korea's collapse could potentially destabilize the Korea peninsula, Beijing may continue to shield Pyongyang. But the two countries' increasingly divergent interests suggest that China's dissatisfaction with North Korea is only likely to grow."

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Mar-18-13 10:07 AM

pull our 28000 troops out of skorea, then nuke nkorea off the planet.

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Mar-18-13 9:23 AM

50's nailed it. The UN is now a threat to the American way of life and should be expelled promptly.

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Mar-18-13 6:35 AM

50s,I couldn't have said it better.

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Mar-18-13 6:06 AM

It was a cease fire. I recall it being expired in the sixties. The UN? Not irrelevant, it's the tool for communism and socialism for the world. Pull out,and throw them out. They are a bunch of well dressed terrorists with diplomatic immunity living in NYC.

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