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Soaring To New Heights

County Airports Receive Changes; More To Come

February 16, 2013

Sam Arcadipane is working to reverse the thinking that county-owned airports are a drain on taxpayers....

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Feb-16-13 9:53 PM

I do fly on occasion out of Jamestown and I will tell you my flights are sometimes cheaper out of Jamestown than flying out of Buffalo or Erie. I am a United Airlines frequent flyer points building customer, so Jamestown works well for me and Cleveland is a United hub. When you add in the cost of gas and parking and convenience, it's always cheaper to fly out of Jamestown. Only problem is the lack of early in the day or late in the day flights, for me. Also, it never makes much sense if I'm heading to Albany, Boston or NYC., so I'd love to see something going east. I remember as a young soldier during Vietnam, I would fly non-stop from Jamestown to Newark, NJ when I would come home on a weekend pass from my duty station at Ft. Dix NJ. I'd fly in on Friday evening after being released by my First Sergeant and would fly back late Sunday afternoon. But that was 40 years ago.

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Feb-16-13 9:29 PM

Liz writes some interesting articles. Nice job again. I've known Sam for some 20 years and he always has lots of good ideas and brings energy to all that he does. It's great to see his energy being put to work once again for the good of our community. I get it that fiscal conservatives don't believe in government running an airport. Accepting the fact that Chautauqua County will have an airport, it might as well be run by someone with vision and energy like Sam. Good Luck with all of your ideas, Sam!

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Feb-16-13 8:10 PM

I go to the west coast every yr to live,and i did fly out of Jamestown to Pittsburg and on to Seattle WA until the airlines we had only flew there 2 times a day,then i started going to Buffalo,but some of the flights would leave 630 am so that meant leaveing Jamestown at 3 am to get there on time for check in or leave Jamestown the night before and get a Motel and stay over night so with the expense of the toll booths and gas and maybe the Motel it started to get to costly so now i fly out of EIRE PA the cost of the flights didn't come close to what i was paying going out of Buffalo and didn't have to worry much about the snow storms that we had going to Buffalo,if they could keep the price down in Jamestown of course i would fly out of some people will say why did you make the early in the morning, that was the time i could arrive in Seattle at a decent hr.and not going latter and haveing my children staying up late at night comeing to get me at SEATAC airport..

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Feb-16-13 7:54 PM

look at the cost of airline tickets, just go to any travel site and look at the cost between flying from Jamestown vs Buffalo to nyc ...I will drive to Buffalo, pay to park my car, gas & tolls and still be have money left over and a non stop flight. the one flight I looked at had me in NYC by 1030am flying from Buffalo.From Jamestown forget it!!When we will we wake up and see we are a small rural county.and we cant afford all the toys. we dont need rural air service drive to Buffalo or Erie ... how does working at JFD make you in charge of the airports ???whats up with that ? Lets get some industry here first and then build up the airports. and as for working with the local fire depts, well thats all good, however I see old sammy saying the AIRPORT now needs a NEW CRASH RESCUE FIRE TRUCK, or maybe 2 NEW TRUCKS cause we need on at Dunkirk airport. The city of Dunkirk was smart 30 yrs ago and said, You can have it,the Dunkirk airport !! Wake up NO MORE

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Feb-16-13 7:51 PM

Albany service does make sense, really miss the US AIR Pittsburgh hub. Very convenient back in the good times. Sadly to say, I find no reason to fly west to Cleveland only to fly east again to DC or Providence. Rarely use Jamestown now, wish I could though especially with free parking.

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Feb-16-13 7:21 PM

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Feb-16-13 6:22 PM

We could even use commuter flights to Albany for government,commerce and educational purposes. How can taxpayers from our area have a presence in Albany when we have to drive a half a day to even get there. No wonder they don't know we exist.

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Feb-16-13 3:40 PM

This all sounds good. Huge changes going on and thinking that has been dormant for decades. Is this Jamestown ? Wake me up

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Feb-16-13 1:50 PM

I used the airport monthly in the 80's to fly to California on business and it was great. We had Chautauqua Airlines based here then which was a big help. Can we get back to that? I think somehow we have to service Buffalo and that will help. It is nice to have a manager that has the energy to think positively and work towards improvement. We have good facility that is under used today. Go for it Sam!!!!!!

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Feb-16-13 12:22 PM

And Khulum..... I understand your frustration but you don't know Sam or you must be joking. This time we got lucky! Let's give it a chance. :)

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Feb-16-13 12:17 PM

Buffalo is a hassle and the pits if you are stranded due to weather that your plane has run into from Chicago. If you are cancelled in Jamestown and live in Chautauqua Co. you can drive home and wait.

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Feb-16-13 10:24 AM

Perhaps Renaldo missed the point: the longer runway will open the airport to larger planes, which can result in more choices. I don't consider Buffalo such an easy drive, and when you get there, you have to pay ($10 a day?) to leave your car while you're gone. At today's prices, the gas for the round trip would be $30-40, and your time should be worth something.

Jamestown will be a better place if more positive ideas replace some of the negativity.

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Feb-16-13 8:02 AM

We have the airport whether it makes money or not. Sam is trying to turn the operations around. Give him a chance.

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Feb-16-13 7:17 AM

another jerk justifying an unjustifiable job in a losing organization.

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Feb-16-13 6:58 AM

It sounds like Sam is doing a great job, where have you been?

What's with Renaldo?

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Feb-16-13 5:22 AM

I can't believe the changes planned are a cafe, vending machines, snowmobile trail, and yet another runway extension to add to the money drain. Outside of the runway change, do these changes matter? I just can't imagine how this airport is useful to anyone. And on top of this, we actually have 2 costly and near useless airports in this rural county surrounded by true large airports within an easy drive. I'll never get past the waste.

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Feb-16-13 5:19 AM

If anyone can do it Sam, you can! Good Luck. Flights that would serve the public would bring people into the area for ski weekends etc. just as much as serve golfers etc. to fly out for a weekend. Unless the airport can offer something to everyone, not just Business people, it will die. It's about time. Go for it!

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Feb-16-13 5:05 AM

Great Job Sam! Encouraging to see positive changes and progressive thinking on the airport, it is a valuable asset.

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