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Mobile Command Unit A Powerful Symbol Of Safety

February 12, 2013

The new mobile command truck for the county Office of Emergency Services is a sight to see. A lot of that probably has to do with its sheer siz....

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Feb-17-13 2:56 AM

I still say we need a Frigate-class-or-better ship of the line on Chautauqua Lake.

Sheriff's department, when are you going to take our safety seriously.

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Feb-13-13 6:37 AM

The sheriff job was to run the jail and serve warrants.Now we king GERACE has ran a muck over two decades it has become the highest funded jail per capital in the state. Look at all toys Joe has ,planes ,atv', snowmobiles,helicopters and the list goers on and on.To big of department for small poor county, the sheriff needs to man the jail serve warrants and taxpayers would save. Vote the sheriff out!!

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Feb-12-13 11:09 PM

What a waste. Just another toy for Gerace to massage his ego or other appendage. Everyone can see this. Watch how he asks for more money next budget now... to maintain this monster. What is next a drone? Apache Attack copter? Jumbo jet command base? Spy Satallite?

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Feb-12-13 1:30 PM

I'm just upset that Aaron ruined my belief in the Tooth Fairy. I may not have believed no taxpayer money was spent on the mobile unit, but I still believed in SOME things! Sheesh.

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Feb-12-13 11:25 AM

Sea, Yes, Yes I do think it is worth every penny! Ask your fire and police neighbors, both paid and volunteer what they think?

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Feb-12-13 11:18 AM

Let’s assume that 1/1000 of 1 cent of my fed tax $$ went for this coach. I can handle that price. However, now it’s here, and I’ve got to believe my share of maintaining this bus will add whole coins to my county tax bill. I just hope the county has a great contract for fuel! No matter what side of the fence you’re on re the county home, as example, it too is adding coins to your tax bill. Coins add up to paper money. Does using this thing for the scenarios given conform to the intent of homeland security? I seem to recall the legislature said NO (applause) to a “free” boat some time back because of maintenance & staffing costs. What happened this time? As long as we accept a reverse NIMBY attitude, spending is ok as long as it’s in my back yard; we are predestined to financial collapse. This applies to all govt spending, not just motorhomes. By the way, if I present my views a bit tongue in cheek, well, I guess that’s more favorable than head up elsewhere.

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Feb-12-13 9:54 AM

Hey Sea, understand the system and allocations before bashing Obama! "The Beginning On Jan. 2, 2001, the acting manager for the USFA’s National Fire Programs Division, from Ken Burris, who at the time was the acting U.S. fire administrator. He explained that Congress had passed a bill, which President Clinton had signed into law, which established a grant program for the fire service dubbed the “Assistance to Firefighters Grants.” He further explained that the NFPD would be responsible for the program’s implementation. The bill required that the USFA organize, conduct, and manage this grant program, which was funded at $100 million for FY 2001.

The program was unlike any federal grant program at the time. Among its stipulations were the following:

•Grants were required to be awarded directly to local fire departments. •Grants to local fire departments were to be competitive among applying fire departments. •Federal regulations, policies, applicati

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Feb-12-13 9:53 AM

"cats sleeping with dogs"..

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Feb-12-13 9:38 AM

And the lambs lie down with the lions.

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Feb-12-13 9:37 AM

"And $400,000 later - none of which from the pockets of taxpayers -" Is this a test to see how gullible the readers are? Where did the money come from ? I would be reluctant to criticize something the might be of value to the community but when it is wrapped in such a obvious lie one is forced to wonder what else is untrue in the story. Way to build credibility P-J.

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Feb-12-13 9:14 AM

Lone, if we didn't bring this money here, it would have gone somewhere else. You will never control federal spending so until it stops, be happy we get some of our federal dollars locally. Duck, Great terminology. Your word "retard" is now a swear word in todays society. Post Journal, Thank you for your positive comments on this item.

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Feb-12-13 9:11 AM

I'm wait and see. But rider is correct. Homeland security does not have Napolitiano money printed for nothing.

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Feb-12-13 9:10 AM

Always the negative view with this group.

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Feb-12-13 8:38 AM

This is a joke, right? No “local taxpayer money” was used for this toy? Seems to me the communication equipment could have been installed in a less costly vehicle. My sister’s 36 foot Gulfstream gets 8 miles per gallon of diesel when cruising the interstates, but I suppose when it’s time to fill the tank, additional manna will fall from heaven to fill it. Same for the $500+ ea tires. I fail to see where this meets the original intent of “homeland security”. Here’s a $400k toy that will spend most of its life in a garage or show up at parades and auto shows. I know the story is that “if we didn’t get the grant, some else would”. Seems I heard this rationale re the $100k+ signs at Southwestern. I feel better knowing my fed & state taxes are not being used for this crap nationwide. But, I’ll probably be glad we have it when the al-Quaeda navy sails up the Chadakoin into Chautauqua lake and starts shooting tourists with their unregistered, 30 round clip assault weap

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Feb-12-13 7:55 AM

Great.. law enforcement and other agencies get to keep on playing army and scenarior out of NCIS and 24. How retarded and such a waste of time..

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Feb-12-13 6:48 AM

It makes me realize then that a vehicle like this was likely provided or funding provided to all other rural counties throughout the country. Imagine the total funding allocated. I'm glad the local 1st responders seem to see a need for it, but it's awful hard to get past the spending issue with our current status. Like the other posts indicate, I don't care if it's federal, state, or local funding.

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Feb-12-13 6:02 AM

Totally agree with 1; when are we to quit pretending that our goverment has money that has not been taken by taxes or other thuggery and spent just because it's available to spend? There is no Easter Bunny nor Tooth Fairy just politicians with their greed hands out!

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