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The Game Of Nature

August 23, 2015 We instill a false sense of knowledge in students today. Perhaps it has always been done and is only becoming more clear as I get older. more »»

Caterpillar Roadtrip

August 22, 2015 Ten years ago, I started raising monarch butterflies for purely selfish reasons. They are pretty and the woman I love wanted to release them at our wedding. more »»

Encouraging News About Monarchs

August 22, 2015 Monarch butterfly populations hit rock bottom during the winter of 2013-14 when they occupied an area of just 2.8 acres of central Mexican mountaintop oyamel fir forest. According to a report by www. more »»

The September Skies

August 22, 2015 The planet Mercury is hidden in the glare of the setting sun during September and won’t be visible until the second week of October, when it will appear in the east before sunrise. more »»

The Best Teacher

August 16, 2015 The crows were rioting as we walked onto the property. It was hard to hear each other over the racket, and I feared their noise would prevent us from filming our “Watershed Defender” episode that day. more »»

Fungi Warriors

August 15, 2015 Our planet is facing a daunting future. Nature is becoming more endangered every day because of one species: Homo sapiens. more »»

The Legacy Of Zimbabwe’s Cecil The Lion

August 15, 2015 When Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist, killed 13-year-old Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park last month, the world was outraged. more »»

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

August 15, 2015 When I heard my wife speak to me but failed to understand what she was telling me to do, and this winter, the woods were silent when a friend asked me to listen to a singing golden-crowned kinglet... more »»

Blueberry Season Is Here Again

August 9, 2015 It’s that time of year again — blueberry time. more »»

Natural Play

August 8, 2015 “You just got shot with a tranquilizer dart!” is what I hear and I look over as a child’s eyes get wide, he stumbles, trips and collapses to the ground as if, well, shot with a tranquilizer dart. more »»

Invisible Snakes

August 8, 2015 While mowing the yard, I always watch the grass ahead of me because I’d never forgive myself if I ran over and killed a box turtle. more »»

Buffers Blossoming On Chautauqua Lake

August 2, 2015 The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy is delighted to see that landowners are planting or allowing natural vegetative buffers to flourish along much of the Chautauqua Lake shoreline, most of which ar... more »»

You CAN Draw

August 1, 2015 I don’t remember the incident, but the story continues to be told about the day I came home “sick” from the first grade. more »»

Water Flows Miraculously From Faucets

August 1, 2015 “Water, water everywhere ... Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink,” from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Three-fourths of the Earth’s surface is ocean. more »»

Land And Water Conservation

August 1, 2015 Quiz time — have you ever heard of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)? Do you know what it does? If not, read on. more »»

A Perfect Fourth Of July

July 26, 2015 We couldn’t have asked for a better Fourth of July holiday this year. The weather, family, friends, fishing, food, fireworks and a clean lake made it perfec. more »»

Can You Smell That?

July 25, 2015 On July 14, an amazing act of science long in the making took place. A space probe named New Horizons reached Pluto, a space body which was once considered to be the ninth planet in our solar syste. more »»

Mammals On My Mind

July 25, 2015 While vacationing in New Mexico recently, I observed some chipmunks at the top of Sandia Peak in Albuquerque. I knew they couldn’t be eastern chipmunks, but I had no idea what species they might be. more »»

The August Skies

July 25, 2015 Because the planets are continually moving in their orbits, they are visible in different positions in the sky at different times of the year. more »»

Making The Choice For A Better Lake

July 19, 2015 Someone I know has started posting online all of the litter that he picks up. He recently started jogging. The more he moved around town on foot, the more the litter started to irritate him. more »»



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