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The Truth About Storm Drains

November 29, 2015 You can see it all over right now: storm drains clogged with leaves, debris and litter. more »»

Books For The Holidays

November 28, 2015 As the holidays approach, here are some books I recommend for any nature lover on your gift list. more »»

The December Skies

November 28, 2015 Faint little Mercury will appear near the southwestern horizon around the middle of December during evening twilight. By the end of the month it begins to sink lower each night. more »»

Patterns In Nature

November 28, 2015 Adult coloring books are a big thing right now. I do not claim to know the reasons, but I have noticed that many of the coloring books for adults are complex designs, often not images, but patterns. more »»

A Funnel, A Slide And A Sponge

November 22, 2015 Several years ago, I led Chautauqua Lake watershed tours for visitors to Jamestown Audubon. We traveled from hilltops to valley bottoms and then to the shores of Chautauqua Lake. more »»

A Golden Glow

November 21, 2015 There was a golden glow across the hillside as I traveled along Interstate 86 in early November. I thought it was the way the setting sun was illuminating the hillside. more »»

Why Pay A Farmer To Let Land Revert To Grassland?

November 21, 2015 In early November, I drove 1,800 miles round trip with my English pointer dog to Renwick in north-central Iowa to visit my college fraternity brother, Bob, his wife, Marilyn, and their son, David. more »»

Beware Of Toxoplasmosis In Venison

November 21, 2015 A recent study in the journal EcoHealth connects white-tailed deer and free-roaming cats to the disease toxoplasmosis. more »»

Naturally Curious

November 14, 2015 The wonderful thing about working with children is that they are short and curious. This amazing combination can lead to amazing discoverie. more »»

Watching Winter Birds

November 14, 2015 After an unseasonably warm early November, winter birds have returned to my feeders. more »»

Weather Lore

November 8, 2015 The heavy snow in some areas of Chautauqua County in mid-October came as a surprise to many, but not to me. I had marked on my calendar “snow expected” for those days back in the end of Jul. more »»

Learning Long-Term Value

November 7, 2015 If you walk into a forest, what do you see? There is no right answer to that question — it is such an individual experience. A forester might first see all the tall, clear hardwoods. more »»

Trail Cameras Capture Images Of Unexpected Animal Visitors

November 7, 2015 When I attached a trail camera to a tree in mid-October on a mowed trail just off my back yard, I was hoping to discover deer or even a buck that could be hunted. more »»

It’s November?

November 7, 2015 My calendar tells me it’s November, but I have doubts. On Tuesday and Wednesday the thermometer on my back porch read 80 degrees. I wore shorts and a T-shirt. more »»

The Outlet

November 1, 2015 One of the Chautauqua Watershed’s most wonderful places is the transition zone between Chautauqua Lake and the Chadakoin River, known to most simply as “the Outlet. more »»

The November Skies

October 31, 2015 The planet Mercury is behind the sun in relation to Earth and cannot be seen this month. It will reappear near to the southwestern horizon in evening twilight toward the end of December. more »»

A Dark Point Of View

October 31, 2015 Point of view. Those three simple words contain so much power. more »»

The Persimmon Pucker

October 31, 2015 From Oct. 18-19, temperatures dipped well-below freezing for the season’s first hard frost. That sent me to check on a small grove of persimmon trees not far from the house. more »»

The Science Of Autumn

October 25, 2015 It’s the season of hoodies and pumpkin-spiced everything. As much as I hate to admit that summer is over, I can’t ignore it any longer. Nature won’t let me. more »»

Raptors Everywhere

October 24, 2015 How many times do you look up in the sky, see a large bird and get excited? When I do, I find myself hoping it is a bald eagle or something more unusual, such as a northern harrie. more »»



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