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A Warm Rainy Night

March 19, 2016 On any other rainy night I would be inside listening to the drip-drop, comfortable, cozy and grateful for the warmth. more »»

Watching The Hidden World Of Nature

March 19, 2016 Two weeks ago, I described vernal pools, ephemeral bodies of water that can range in size from puddles to large shallow ponds. more »»

It’s Spring Cleaning Time

March 13, 2016 The winter snowpack has melted, exposing all the litter, debris and winter traction grit that has accumulated on and along our streets, roads, parking lots and sidewalks. more »»

Spring Is Flying In

March 12, 2016 Spring is an easy season to get caught up in. The sun comes out and warms skin that has not been exposed outside in months. more »»

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, An Elixir Of Life

March 12, 2016 Olive oil became a part of my diet late in life as a dipping sauce for small bread slices and for frying meats, fish, chicken and vegetables as a more healthy option than butter or other vegetable... more »»

Environmental Cues Trigger Springtime Behaviors

March 12, 2016 The ultimate environmental cue that triggers many behavioral changes in the natural world is photoperiod. Longer days in late winter signal that it’s time to breed. more »»

Working Together For the Betterment of All

March 6, 2016 One person can accomplish a lot, but a group of dedicated people working toward a single goal can accomplish so much more. more »»

The Work Of Childhood

March 5, 2016 Play is in danger and it is changing the way the next generation views the world. As a kid, we played a dozen different kinds of tag, kickball and football. more »»

Vernal Pools Are Busy Places In March

March 5, 2016 A walk in any deciduous forest in early March is certain to reveal a variety of vernal pools. Every depression, large and small, fills with snow melt and rain. more »»

The Elusive Winter Owl Nest

February 28, 2016 The search has begun to find the first nesting bird of the year. Every year in December, I listen to the great horned owls hooting with resonant deep voices that travel through the cold dark dus. more »»

Snow Fleas Are Harmless, Abundant

February 27, 2016 Knowing that winter weather can persist into April, there will probably be at least a few more opportunities to see a tiny, but abundant creature that is best seen against a blanket of fresh snow —... more »»

An Oak That Fell From The Forest

February 27, 2016 There was no sorrow in the air lingering over the carcass. Woodland creatures did not mourn, no tears were shed as the life of the forest leviathan suddenly ended. more »»

Tickle A Tender Touch

February 27, 2016 Ticklishness is a human reflex least understood even though experienced by most everyone sometime during their life. more »»

Cornell University Comes To Chautauqua Lake

February 21, 2016 For many years, individuals involved in the management of Chautauqua Lake have heard words similar to, “No more studies. Just do somethin. more »»

Snow, Covering And Revealing

February 20, 2016 I write this on a day when the snow is falling constantly outside my window. I’m warm and cozy inside with coffee, a cat and my computer. Schools, offices and programs are closed or canceled. more »»

Bird Cage Meets My Expectations

February 20, 2016 Back in December, I wrote about my new feeding station I call the “Bird Cage.” It is an enclosure designed to exclude deer and raccoons. more »»

Warming Worries

February 14, 2016 The chill and snow of winter in Western New York have returned once more, and I am glad. I was beginning to worry about the sporadic snows and extended warm periods we have been experiencing lately .. more »»

Wisdom Does It Again

February 13, 2016 In 2002, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) ornithologist Chandler Robbins found a banded Laysan albatross on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean. more »»

All Grown Up

February 13, 2016 I am always in awe of artists. They have skills I don’t have. Or, as I was coached to say by an art teacher, skills I have not yet learned. more »»

‘Skijoring’ Dogs Are Happy Dogs

February 13, 2016 “Skijoring” is the sport of snow skiing behind a pulling dog. more »»



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