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Cable Hollow Church To Host Trumpeter

September 21, 2016 Chiz Rider, one of America’s foremost professional trumpeters, touring and recording artists, will appear at 6 p.m. Sunday at the Cable Hollow Church, 3157 Cable Hollow Road, Russell. more »»

Fall Foliage Trolley Rides Begin Sunday

September 21, 2016 A great way to enjoy the colors of an upstate autumn is from the windows of an electric trolley car at the New York Museum of Transportation in Rush. Rides operate Sundays only, now through Oct. 30. more »»

Fredonia String Faculty To Visit Long Island Schools

September 21, 2016 FREDONIA — The State University at Fredonia School of Music’s full-time string faculty will travel to Long Island during the week of Sept. more »»

Where Genius Bloomed: Herman Melville’s Arrowhead Farm

September 18, 2016 Herman Melville’s vast and enigmatic creative mind led to some of the best novels in American Literature, “Moby Dick” at the top of the list. more »»

To Stand Or Not To Stand

September 18, 2016 Well, I’ve remained silent (which, in itself, some would call a miracle) about the situation and comments surrounding San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and his decision to not stand... more »»

The Magnificent Magnolia Warbler

September 18, 2016 There’s a reason I have a difficult time with warblers. They won’t come to my feeders. Cherry trees surround most of the house while various apples fill in much of the rest. more »»

Grape Country

September 18, 2016 I grew up in grape country close to Lake Erie. Every time I see the commercial for Welch’s on television it reminds me of hom. more »»

Get Off The Couch, Get Off The Tech Toys

September 18, 2016 Pope Francis, the oustpoken spiritual leader of the Catholic church, recently spoke of a subject near and dear to many parents. more »»

Mice As Keystone Sepcies

September 17, 2016 Basic ecology uses simple diagrams to illustrate how biomass is distributed in ecosystems. These “ecological pyramids” lump all primary producers (plants) at the base of the pyramid. more »»

Standing At Ground Zero

September 17, 2016 I volunteered at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11. more »»

Editor's Note

September 17, 2016 When I’ve consumed a lot of fluids my body tells me it’s time to visit the lavatory. It’s a simple concept, listening to what your body tells you you need to do. more »»

Streetlight People

September 15, 2016 With the 13th annual Local Music Showcase now in the books, and more than $9,000 raised for Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, the Jamestown community should be proud of itself. more »»

Wondering About Wills And Such

September 14, 2016 Where there’s a will, there’s a ... will? I wonder. Filed with the wills of my wife and myself are “advance directives. more »»

­­The Blink Of An Eye

September 14, 2016 I was watching a video the other day in which the speaker said we get caught up in the rhythm of our lives: we get up, we eat, get paid and go home. more »»

Brothers And Sisters

September 11, 2016 Many of us know what sibling rivalry is; and some may have experienced it growing up; and some may think that sibling rivalry was all negative between brothers and/or sisters; but when the chips wer... more »»

Here A Raccoon, There A Racoon

September 11, 2016 I absolutely adore country life. Never a city gal (beyond occasional — very brief — imaginings), I grew up and was generally quite content in smallish town. more »»

A Perfect Frame

September 11, 2016 I never thought much about it, but my kitchen window makes a perfect frame. As I sat eating breakfast this morning I saw the sun coming up in the east. My window faces east. more »»

Writer Gets Her Kicks On Route 66: Part Two

September 11, 2016 Editor’s Note: This is the second column in a series featuring the author’s travels along Route 66 On our second day of travel on the route that has four names-Will Rogers Highway, The Mother Road... more »»

A Solitude So Great: Visiting The Emily Dickinson Homestead

September 11, 2016 Editor’s Note: This is the second column in a series of four. Many of us live in the same town most or all of our lives, but some people live in the same home always. more »»

Walk To End Alzheimer’s Set For Oct. 1

September 11, 2016 Question: My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I know so little about this disease and what is coming for our family. more »»



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