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Sunkmanitu Tanka Ob Waci

November 15, 2015 During a recent free HBO and Cinemax preview through Direct TV, they were showing a number of fairly popular, and good movies, some Sally and I hadn’t seen on the big screen. more »»

Holidays Mean Different Things To Different People

November 15, 2015 Years ago someone had the bright idea to change as many of the holidays as practical to occur on a Monday, thus creating numerous long weekends. more »»

Dear America: Please Stop Policing The World

November 15, 2015 President Obama has, as usual, fallen short on one of the seminal promises of his candidacy — the withdrawal of United States forces from Afghanistan and an end to the 14-year war — when he announce... more »»

Editor's Note

November 14, 2015 I’ve been picking up extra serving shifts lately in order to save money for Christmas. I prefer to spend the cash instead of swiping a card and facing the dreaded bill later on. more »»

Dealing With Skunk Stink

November 14, 2015 When I let the dogs out the other night for the final time, I smelled the faint odor of a skunk. more »»

Finding Your Way Home

November 14, 2015 A study was released last week that found that the death rate for white middle-class Americans was rising and not falling—just the opposite of what’s happening in every other ethnic and racial group... more »»

Woodward And Bernstein Are My Heroes

November 11, 2015 I have an unhealthy obsession with the movie “All the President’s Men.” I’ve watched it a thousand times or more. I’m surprised my husband and child can’t quote the lines ye. more »»

Feed Us Bread And Circuses

November 8, 2015 “The people are only anxious for two things: bread and circuses. more »»

Veterans, Thank You For Your Service

November 8, 2015 As much as it should be every day, there are a few designated days which ask us to stop and say “Thank you” to those who have made a commitment in their lives to “preserve, protect, and defend the... more »»

It’s Time To Enjoy The Bounty Of Fall

November 8, 2015 When I think of fall I think of football, soccer, marching band, and harvest time. My children each marched with the band and participated in competitions. more »»

Editor's Note

November 7, 2015 I find language and communication fascinating. The way we use words verbally and in written form is scientific. more »»

Let Your Dog Walk You

November 7, 2015 Now that the kids are grown and gone, our poor dog has become the reluctant heir of our codependenc. more »»

Protecting The Shire

November 4, 2015 I can’t take anymore, dear readers. I can’t take one more shooting, one more story about cruelty and hate or one more news alert depicting the atrocities we commit against one another. more »»

Is There A Different MSA To Enroll In?

November 4, 2015 Question; I have the MSA from BlueCross & BlueShield. I got a letter saying that plan is ending on Jan. 1, 201. more »»

We Make Martyrs

November 1, 2015 Breaking news: the super-patriotic party of Benevolent Carnivores won the electio. more »»

To Smell A Beautiful Flower, You Have To Smell A Little Fertilizer

November 1, 2015 As a citizen of this country, the country my father wore a uniform to help defend, I make sure I vote in the November elections each year. more »»

End Of October Thoughts

November 1, 2015 Last Sunday we woke up to snow. It was in the forecast so it was not a complete surprise. Up on my hill there was about an inch of snow. more »»

Times Sure Are Changing

November 1, 2015 A recent Dunkirk Observer newspaper article introduced the reader to a Silver Creek High School guidance counselor who was recognized by her peers and Michelle Obama in Washington, D.C. more »»

Editor's Note

October 31, 2015 The spookiest (and sweetest) day of the year has arrived. I’ve always liked Halloween because of the opportunity to use my imagination and, of course, the candy. There are no limits. more »»

The Library Angels: A Story Of Pride And Protest

October 31, 2015 When the board of trustees for the Lakewood Library sent out a plea for donations last month to keep the village library operating, the response was fairly disma. more »»



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