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Editor's Note

April 16, 2016 On a recent trip to the gas station, I overheard the cashiers talking about a man who had just littered as he pulled away from the pump. more »»

Letter To A Daughter

April 16, 2016 I labeled your dilemma the minute you started to speak today. It comes from experience but also an inner knowing: What you’ve got are the “in-between blues. more »»

A Shining Light Is Never Extinguished

April 13, 2016 A light has gone out from the world, my friends — a soft, glowing warmth of a person that brought grace and beauty to our area, impacted many people through true relationship and cared deeply about... more »»

What’s Wrong With These Scenarios?

April 10, 2016 There are some who say that because it is on the Internet, it has to be true. more »»

Celebrating April Fool’s Day With My Furry Friend

April 10, 2016 As I celebrated April Fool’s Day, I also celebrated the anniversary of finding a new furry friend. more »»

Editor's Note

April 9, 2016 Blue jeans. They’re as American as apple pie. more »»

Another Cat Book

April 9, 2016 “Trying to herd cats” is a way of saying that something is hard to do, but I never thought the same could be said of trying to herd cat writers. more »»

The Gun Show

April 9, 2016 My husband asked me to attend a gun show with him last week, but first I made him promise to bring me to an art show the night before. (I am a firm believer in balancing weekends. more »»

‘For’ Children? No; ‘With’ Them? Yes

April 6, 2016 Facebook gives us yet another “This is how you should live your life” article. more »»

My Kid Likes James Taylor (And That’s Not The Only Reason I Love Her)

April 6, 2016 Almost every morning, my kiddo looks at me and asks me to paint pictures. more »»

Too Much Teasing Becomes Bullying

April 3, 2016 The last article was on the subject of teasing. Teasing comes in various forms. Some teasing is light-hearted and usually well-received. Some teasing is hurtful and not well-received. more »»

Upstate Muse

April 3, 2016 Last Sunday, my 45-year-old daughter-in-law died unexpectedly in the ER after falling ill at home late the previous night. more »»

Play Ball

April 3, 2016 A tradition at Progressive Field in Cleveland, just before every Tribe game, involves having an on-the-field youngster, often times between 5 and 10 years old, with microphone in hand, utter what th... more »»

View From Hickory Heights

April 3, 2016 When I looked up the word “tradition” in the dictionary, it said that “it is the handing down orally of stories, experiences and beliefs from generation to generation. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

April 3, 2016 Whether you love them or hate them, bats are incredible creatures. At over 1,300 species, they are the second most numerous order of mammals and make up almost a quarter of the entire mammal kingdo. more »»

Life After Heroin

April 2, 2016 There’s never a lot of good news when it comes to heroin. more »»

Editor's Note

April 2, 2016 I’ve divulged in the past about my need for music to get through the day. more »»

Easter Sunday, Or The Story Of A Worried Hostess

March 30, 2016 I hosted Easter brunch this past Sunday, and I can gladly report that nothing was burnt, no one cried and we all had a very good time. more »»

If You Come To Visit, Stand Back

March 30, 2016 “It looks,” said my dentist, “like you have been brushing a lot better lately.” The irony was palpable. more »»

I Do Anarchy (And You Can, Too!)

March 27, 2016 Anarchy: When you hear that word, what comes to mind? Is it crime and chaos, mobs breaking into convenient stores, motorcycle gangs and a hellish inferno rising over civilization? If your friend one... more »»



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