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From Something Sour Comes Something Sweet

February 21, 2016 Years ago when my son and his family lived in a trailer down the road he had a beautiful garden. He tended it faithfully, and his produce flourished. That year he had a bumper crop of cabbage. more »»

Altering The Course Of A River

February 20, 2016 There’s a video making the rounds on Facebook about a little boy who comes home from school to find that his sister bought him a hamster with her own money. more »»

Editor's Note

February 20, 2016 After 10 days of wearing a gaudy — or gauzy — splint on my left index finger, I must have told the same story 100 times. more »»

Tennyson And A Path Through The Snow

February 17, 2016 I looked out the window this morning and saw a blanket of snow covering my car, the ground and the street. To be honest, it was more like five comforters worth of snow instead of a blanket. more »»

Smoking Is Also Bad For Fingers

February 16, 2016 “April,” said the poet, “is the cruelest month.” Pshaw. I vote for February, especially in these parts. T.S. Eliot wrote arguably the greatest poem of the 20th century, “The Waste Land. more »»

My Loving Valentine

February 14, 2016 Today we celebrate the Holiday of Love, which is kind of sad that we have to have a holiday to celebrate, show, acknowledge, or express love. more »»

What Type Of Love Do You Celebrate?

February 14, 2016 As the 14th of February rolls around, it seems it is all hearts, flowers, candy and romantic cards. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of these, but most of them are disposable. more »»

Celebrating Singles Awareness Day

February 14, 2016 Today, couples all over the Western world are purchasing Hallmark gift cards, boxes of chocolate, expensive dinners and otherwise feasting from the trough of holiday commercialism. more »»

Westminster Dog Show Nears

February 13, 2016 It’s almost here ... the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and each year it seems to get bigger and bigger. more »»

The Big Bamboozle

February 13, 2016 I’m not eager to get involved in the presidential election in my column, but I am eager to encourage a sea of change in the ways of the world. more »»

Editor's Note

February 13, 2016 There was a column written in 1997 by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune titled “Wear Sunscreen. more »»

Clean House, Clean Mind

February 10, 2016 This year is bringing small, but good changes to my life, dear reader. more »»

Be In Charge Of Your Joy

February 7, 2016 My most recent article invited the readership to rise above the daily dose of negativity that envelopes us. “Easy to say, hard to do,” some may respond. more »»

Could Life Be A Video Game?

February 7, 2016 I’ve returned to a hobby I picked up during my college years: designing computer games. As I’ve learned more about how to make a great game, I’ve also learned a thing or two about human nature. more »»

Entertainment Or Disrespect?

February 7, 2016 In the early days of the television channel TV Land I was extremely excited as the channel included many old-time television programs I watched growing up, some of them shown in black and whit. more »»

A Blast From The Past: ‘Grease’ Brings Back Memories

February 7, 2016 Somehow I heard about the live recreation of “Grease” that aired on Sunday, Jan. 31 so I set my auto tune to enjoy it. I was not disappointed. So many memories flashed back from that era. more »»

A Closer Look At Murphy’s Law

February 6, 2016 There is a switch in the universe that can be turned to one of two positions: “difficult” or “not difficult. more »»

Editor's Note

February 6, 2016 I have expressed my love of food in this column several times. Inches of ink have consisted of prose about pizza or my favorite local restaurants. more »»

Don’t Listen To The Lies

February 3, 2016 Have you ever had something happen where you thought, “Oh, no! How is this ever going to be OK?” I’m a little dramatic and a bit of a worry wart, so these things tend to happen more often than not b... more »»

Diagnosing ‘The Promised Land Complex’ — The Itch To Hitch

January 31, 2016 It is around this time of the year — when temperatures plunge below zero, the wind bites at your face, and snow piles around the roads in towering muddy ramparts — when I consider my choice to remai... more »»



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