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Don’t Delay: Invest In Infrastructure Now

April 10, 2016 What elements of U.S. infrastructure need attention the most? How should we pay for it? These are good questions, but they have no clear answer. more »»

Sanders, Trump, And We, The People

April 9, 2016 Now, more than any time in recent history of the United States, there is a backlash against the establishment political parties. more »»

Private Business Should Lead The Way In Space Exploration

April 3, 2016 If you want humanity to develop a space-faring civilization, you need to understand that space should be a free-market frontier and entrepreneurs should lead the way. more »»

The Democratization Of Space

April 3, 2016 Zipping among the stars is no longer something that can only be achieved by global superpowers and multinational firms with deep pockets and legions of rocket scientist. more »»

Exposing The Lies And Treachery Of Common Core

April 3, 2016 Edward Vos (The Post-Journal, March 17, 2016) phrased it well: “The truth about lies is that they cause us to distrust people. We lose faith when we discover a lie. more »»

Keeping The BPU Strong

April 3, 2016 The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has a long and successful history of serving the region. more »»

President Obama’s Budget Looks A Lot Like His Past

March 27, 2016 When President Obama sent his latest, and last, budget plan to Congress in February, he proclaimed it is all about “looking forwar. more »»

A $5 Billion Obamacare Windfall For Insurers?

March 27, 2016 Oregon’s health insurance co-operative is yet another Obamacare failure. It squandered taxpayer-backed handouts and loans, disappointed its customers and now has shuttered its operations. more »»

Corporate Tax Reform Must Protect U.S. Companies From Foreign Politicians

March 27, 2016 As more American companies look to flee an uncompetitive tax code, there’s fairly widespread agreement among the political class that something must be done. more »»

Rethinking The Role Of A First Spouse

March 27, 2016 The recent passing of Nancy Reagan, coupled with a growing possibility that the country may usher in the first female president, has brought into question the purpose and role of the First Lad. more »»

Irrational Fear Of Deflation

March 26, 2016 Central banks are among the most influential organizations in any nation, and most central bankers subscribe to the notion that deflation, the decrease in prices and increase in the purchasing power... more »»

Anti-Establishment Revolts Rock The US, Europe

March 20, 2016 The year 2016 will go down in history as the year of unraveling political order. more »»

Pay For Success — How Market Forces Can Improve The Social Safety Net

March 20, 2016 It is generally believed that government does a good job lessening the material hardship of poverty through programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and food assistance, but it does less well... more »»

In Politics, Money Isn’t Everything — But It Still Matters

March 20, 2016 The spectacular crash of the Jeb! Bush campaign — an early dropout after his Super PAC raised and spent a historically high amount — has led to a chorus of voices noting that money must not mean muc... more »»

Invisible Hand Or Invisible Gun

March 19, 2016 Two hundred and forty years ago, Adam Smith wrote in “The Wealth of Nations,”: “He [the individual]... neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it.... more »»

Former MGCL Football Player Voices Opinion On Merger

March 13, 2016 After reading the article and the comments on the opposition to the MGCL football merger, I feel like it is my turn to say something. more »»

Fear Of Terrorism Steps Onto Our Soil

March 13, 2016 Fear of terrorism on American soil is now part of our daily lives. Surveys show how deeply we feel the threat. more »»

Repeat Drug Offenders Should Be Ostracized From Civilization

March 13, 2016 The increasing epidemic of illegal drug use, dealing and manufacture is beyond alarming. more »»

President Obama Can’t Have His Ice Cream And Eat It, Too

March 13, 2016 President Obama recently asked business owners to help create summer jobs for teenagers. more »»

Presidential Promises

March 12, 2016 Candidates for the presidency of the United States choose marketing strategies that they think will give them the win and, as with all good marketing, the message is packaged differently for... more »»



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