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Jamestown Babe Ruth League Thanks Parks Department

July 22, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Jamestown Babe Ruth League would like to thank the Parks Department employees, especially the crew at Bergman Park under Brad Proctor, for their excellent care of the fields... more »»

Support Our Police

July 21, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: The past two weeks in America have been extremely difficult for police families across our nation with the tragic murders and wounding of several officers in Dallas and Baton... more »»

DMV Needs To Be Modernized

July 20, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: I stood in line at the DMV, patiently waiting for my turn at the counter, and observe. more »»

Renters Should Have A Voice

July 18, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: I respectfully disagree with the letter writer who asked why renters were allowed to vote on the library issue. more »»

Reader's Forum

July 17, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Upon leaving office, George Washington, in his farewell address to the American people, warns the nation about the dangers of forming political parties, which at that time... more »»

How Far We’ve Come?

July 16, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Every so often there comes a reminder of how far we have come, or, in this case, perhaps, how far we have regressed. more »»

Social Security System Is Broken

July 15, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: I would like to thank Congressman Tom Reed, his office manager Leigh James and Ann Carlson from the Social Security Office, in Olean, for helping me obtain my “Widows Benefit”... more »»

Politics Has Gone From Dirty To Criminal

July 14, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: There have always been dirty tricks in politics. One expects that. more »»

GOP Decision To Cut Embassy Security Worth Investigating

July 10, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: The title “Committee Cites Security” references the final report from the Benghazi Select Committee investigation, citing a lack of proper security as the primary... more »»

Library Board Can’t Win No Matter What It Tries To Do

July 9, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: There are at least two things of which the people of Jamestown can be very proud. more »»

City Residents Deserve A Reason To Improve Properties

July 7, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: The main reason, that the library vote failed is because residents are tired of having their taxes go up. more »»

Elected Representatives Are Necessary For Success

July 5, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: In days of old before the printed word, good deeds were communicated in song. Now, too often efforts to improve our communities go unnoticed by the general publi. more »»

The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Legislated

July 3, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: After careful consideration, I have concluded that wages in the private sector should not be legislated. more »»

State Should Not Reimburse Poor Business Practices

July 2, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I was reading on some local website regarding the inability of the company to pay their employees raises unless they could get them reimbursed from the state of New York. more »»

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

June 30, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: They say it takes a community to raise a child and the Frewsburg community did their part in helping recently. Kindergarten students from the Robert H. more »»

President Does Not Need To Accuse ‘Radical Islam’

June 29, 2016 To the Readers Forum: It’s so refreshing to see pastoral leaders admit to their churches wrongdoing when it comes to spreading hate. This is a bold and courageous move and I applaud you for it. more »»

When Meaningless Numbers Become Dangerous

June 25, 2016 “Lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Statisticians hate that phrase because it seems to paint the whole discipline as based on the distortion of truth. more »»

We Must Support The Prendergast Library

June 25, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: A strongly worded letter appeared in the Tuesday June 21, 2016 Post-Journal Reader’s Forum criticizing the Prendergast Library’s failed attempt to establish a taxing district... more »»

Should We Be Forced To Choose Between Two Evils?

June 24, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I think that politics has reached a new low on the national level when two shady people are running for President of the U.S. and leader of the free world. more »»

America Must Choose To Be Great

June 23, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: What does “Make America Great Again” mean? When was it great and how was it great? More importantly what will make it greater than it currently is? Was America great when it... more »»



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