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Past Revolutions

June 27, 2014 - Dave Hecei
ipad-v-ipad-2 Original iPad vs. iPad 2 (the new iPad Air is even thinner!)

The year was 2010. Not too distant into the past, but for the iPad it might as well be decades. To me, that very first iPad from Apple was revolutionary. It almost immediately transformed computing into something truly mobile. The only problem is that the revolution came and kept rolling - right over my poor original iPad.

I didn’t jump right on the iPad when it was introduced. I didn’t get mine until well into 2010. I have the one with AT&T data access. I don’t think I would every buy a tablet without cellular data capabilities. Back in 2010, AT&T was the only choice for either the iPad or the iPhone. Verizon and Sprint finally came too and now offer data access on their networks.

It is now about half way through 2014. The current iPad is called the Air and is the 5th generation iPad. There will be a 6th generation iPad coming this fall – most likely in October. It is finally time for me to get a new iPad, so I am in a holding pattern, waiting to see what the next generation will bring. It is possible that I could go with the next gen model, but if that doesn’t have that special thrill I will likely go with the previous model, which hopefully will then have a lower price tag.

But what do I do with my original iPad? There really is nothing wrong with it other than the software is now antiquated. There are several Apps that I want to use, but they require iOS 6 or better. The original iPad is permanently stuck at iOS 5.1.1. Apple never made iOS 6 to work on it. There is only 256MB of RAM in the original iPad, which was a big factor. So it is limited in what Apps will run and how stable it is. Right now, Safari will crash quite regularly, which may be due to certain sites, but I haven’t spent much time researching it.

The big problem is that my original iPad is otherwise in great shape. It has spent 95% of its life in some sort of case. It hasn’t been dropped onto any hard surface or has it every gotten wet or spilled on. The battery still has great life in it and it is still connected to AT&T, at least at 3G speeds. It’s hard to just chuck it since it still works great at most things.

So here are over a dozen things to do with an original iPad.

    Give it to your child (niece, nephew, god child, grandparent, etc.).

    Kindle Book reader (plus other eBook and PDF formatted stuff).

    Play basic casual games.

    Watch movies and TV shows (just not using the CBS, NBC, etc. app – they require iOS 6 or better).

    Use it to remote control stuff (Roku, AppleTV, etc.).

    Listen to music.

    Blogging (without video).

    Social Networking (without video).

    Keep it in the car for entertainment, information, and emergencies.

    Use it as a second monitor with your MacBook (AirDisplay app $10).

    Use it as a picture frame.

    Leave it in the bathroom (we all need something to read, right?).

    Use it as a terminal to control other computers (VNC, Remote Desktop, etc., but not GoToMeeting).

As you can see, there is so much that an original iPad can do. It’s only those newer cool things that don’t work, plus a newer browser would be nice. That said, I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of my old iPad any time real soon, but I am now even more anxious to see the next gen iPad so I can update to a much newer and faster tablet.



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