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When I Couldn't Breathe

September 24, 2013 - Nicholas Terry
Remember when Weezer wasn't a caricature of itself? Yeah it's been at least a decade, almost two. Weezer wrote some great melodies and played them fuzzy guitars. They've never taken themselves too seriously, and made for a string of enjoyable albums. In this writers humble opinion, they fell off after Maladroit in favor of writing pop music that honestly I haven't bothered with. Maybe I'm missing out, but I think the band Sundials is picking up where Weezer left off, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Sundials write catchy rock songs that are just fun to listen to. There's no silly jokes, just witty lyrics set to guitars that weave in and out various amounts of distortion. The opener "710" is a raging rock song that demonstrates how much sound this trio can make. It's noisy, yet never without direction. "When I Couldn't Breathe" is the emotional opus of the album that still keeps a sense of humor with the line, " And when I couldn't breathe, you were on my mind. How's that for having a crush?" One of my personal favorite verses off the album comes on track 11, "The Mad Stork Makes Another Movie".

"There are ways to pace the day, and plugs to keep my ears from blowing From all the trash I hear about our petty lives and where we’re going. Where we’re going is not so bad. "

You can read into however much you want, which is the great thing about lyrics. I take the lyrics almost at face value in which they serve as a reminder to avoid the negativity around you because no matter how your day it's going, it's really not that bad in the scheme of things. No overly philosophical, but still effective. Every word a writer composes doesn't need to change lives, they need to make an impact in some way. Sundials are a reminder that in a world of excess sometimes less is more.

It's rare for an album under 29 minutes to have as much variety as this album has. It weaves in between 2 minute emotional ballads and minute and a half rock songs. No thirty seconds is not a lot of time, but it makes all the difference. Each song is memorable without being repetitive and overstaying it's welcome. It's on Spotify, bandcamp, and can be downloaded for free at the site If You Make It. People like things that are free right? I will put up a link to the whole album. You're going to want to hear it all.


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Sep-24-13 12:22 PM

Boy Nick, You gotta jump right in right away to be on top. Other blogs only be there not even 24 hours and I've seen you jump right in few times before. I don'ty give a crap about what you think of songs or music.


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