Tainted Religion In Abortion Politics

Pummeling Lee Zeldin in commercials on abortion propelled our abortion-backing governor into office with the aid of tainted religion.

Holding a news conference at Judson Memorial Church (10-12) Governor Hochul said that God is on the side of abortion. Awarding 13.4 million dollars of taxpayer money to abortion providers, Hochul commended the congregation for letting people know that terminating unborn children is a God-given right. (The governor confuses God with Molech, the Old Testament false god who was ghoulishly worshiped by child sacrifice.) Saying “light does prevail over darkness,” the governor justified abortion politically with false spirituality. The Left isn’t crying foul over “separation of church and state” on that one. The problem isn’t bringing theology into public policy but using deceitful theology to politically justify an evil deed as a “right.”

How does a governor who claims Catholicism as her faith promote the abortion narrative which denies her faith? Would a Catholic church even host such a news conference for a governor to promote abortion? A Protestant one did.

Judson’s statement of deficient faith says, “Judson has been consistently on the cutting edge of social justice… We chart a deceptively obvious course for Christian practice one that demands equality… peace and honest-to-God compassion.” Their “deceptive obvious course” is equivalent to a donut sprinkled with rat poison served on a napkin pulled out of sewer. Our governor pairs up her abortion brand of Catholicism to a screwed up church of Protestantism openly promoting deception. What does that tell you?

Christian commentator Steve Deace said, “The spirit of the age always manifests itself politically.” When you see the abortion-motivated politics of Kathy Hochul combine with her abortion-minded religion, it’s plain to see how the spirit of the age worms its ways into government. Democrats say they’re for the little guy, then proceeded to make the right to murder the littlest of the little people their “secret weapon” for getting out the vote in 2022.

“A political party,” says Deace, “has willfully determined to accept systemic societal collapse in exchange for systemic child sacrifice with nothing in return.” Let Fentynal from China stream across our porous unsecured border killing Americans in records numbers, just keep unrestricted abortion legal. Let the nation lose its energy independence and beg totalitarian governments for oil, just keep unrestricted abortion legal. Let gas prices stay up and the cost of food eat up our incomes, just keep unrestricted abortion legal. Let crime run rampant and bail reform release criminals to the streets, just keep unrestricted abortion legal. Let the politics of “Big Brother” restrict speech, gun rights, oil drilling, commerce and parental control, just keep unrestricted abortion legal. Let religious deception fake people out just to keep unrestricted abortion legal.

On the ballot in Montana was a measure to keep babies alive who survived an abortion and the voters decided to let them die. Even worse, Governor Hochul and the Democrats would never let such a proposal even see the light of day in New York. Now Senator Chuck Schumer demands millions of illegal immigrants be granted amnesty due to declining American birth rates, as he pushes every measure for unrestricted abortion.

After the election, Jewish commentator Dennis Prager asked how much cultural putrefaction will those who side with the Left accept before they change their vote. As a pastor, how far do they have to plunge into the cesspool of debasement before they not only reconsider their vote but more importantly, cry out to God in repentance and for mercy?

The Rev. Mel McGinnis is a Frewsburg resident.


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