Reader Questions Suit From Institution

To The Reader’s Forum:

What right does self-serving Chautauqua Institution have suing the New York DEC and the town of Ellery for completing an expensive mandated Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to allow the use of approved herbicides in designated zones to mitigate invasive weeds that virtually shut down the use of Chautauqua Lake?

The DEC-approved SEIS will never permit use of herbicides near Chautauqua Institution because it draws its drinking water from Chautauqua Lake. So why is Chautauqua Institution suing the town of Ellery for being a good ‘steward of the lake’ and taking the lead on the SEIS? The town of Ellery appreciates Chautauqua Lake’s economic impact on Bemus Point and Chautauqua County and supported the Chautauqua Lake Partnership’s successful herbicide demonstration project. Ellery then took the lead on the SEIS to ensure that all other towns and villages would be able to apply for DEC herbicide permits when their lake communities are unable to use Chautauqua Lake re: invasive weed growth.

Burtis Bay in the south basin where I have lived for 40 years is shut down by invasive Eurasian milfoil. Without herbicide chemotherapy next summer my bay will be a swamp. An unusable lake not only will affect me as a property owner but will impact Fairmount Avenue businesses, the hotel, the marinas and Chautauqua Institution.

Thank you, Chautauqua Institution, for launching a frivolous lawsuit based on perceived environmental issues which will deny all other lake communities from obtaining herbicide permits next summer. Chautauqua Lake is our county’s largest asset. Without a combination of herbicides and weed harvesting, our lake will no longer be our “jewel.”

Karen Rine,