Frewsburg Central Adds To Capital Project

The Frewsburg Central School board of education received an update Thursday on the capital project that began last spring.

The primary work of the capital project involved the renovation and upgrades to the auditorium, the bleachers, the press box, science classrooms, high school offices and air conditioning in classrooms. The project allowed for the budgeting of four alternate projects if the total budget had enough room for the additions. The district, according to Jerome Lee Yaw, administrative team member, will be able to complete three of the four alternate projects. The alternate projects include new lockers for the first and second floors and the installation of additional air conditioners for select class rooms. The total cost for the project is $5.6 million.

Yaw said “the project is in good shape.”

Also during the board meeting, the board approved the authorization of the combined football program with Randolph for the 2018-19 school year. The program shared services with the Randolph district last fall as well. Superintendent Shelly O’Boyle reported to the board the specific details of next year’s combined football program.

“We have about five to eight varsity students and we’re anticipating about 10 JV students,” O’Boyle said.

The superintendent then described the arrangement with the Randolph district. If the schedule for the combined team permits three home games, one of those will be at Frewsburg’s field and if there are four home games, two of those will be at Frewsburg.

“We’re hoping to know our number of athletes by March 1,” she said. “So, that way we are able to determine uniforms.”

When there are home games at Frewsburg the team will wear Frewsburg home jerseys, during home games at Randolph the team will wear Randolph home jerseys and at all away games the combined team will wear Randolph away jerseys. Next school year the football practices will be split with 11 practices at Frewsburg and 21 at Randolph.

O’Boyle said the school districts are looking at featuring both a “F” and a “R” on the helmets, as well as on the home football fields depending on which school hosts the game. She said the districts are looking to create a stencil for the designs.

In other news, Polly Hanson, board member and member of the Carroll Concerned Citizens, reported to the board about the ongoing legal battle between the town of Carroll and the Jones-Carroll Landfill.

Hanson was speaking on behalf of the Carroll Concerned Citizens and not as a member of the Frewsburg board of education.

Hanson informed the board that the public comment period for people to write to the Department of Environmental Conservation has been extended for another 30-day period that ends on Feb. 12. Hanson also noted that a DEC public legislation hearing will be held Feb. 7 in the Frewsburg auditorium, she encouraged everyone to attend and spread the word.