(12:55 PM) Aftermath Of Friday Storm Still Visible In Maple Springs

The scene near Rivulet Avenue in Maple Springs following Friday's strong thunderstorms. Many trees were reported toppled in the area near Midway State Park. Submitted photo

MAPLE SPRINGS — The National Weather Service in Buffalo said it will review radar images from Friday’s storm after several Maple Springs residents reported significant damage from toppled trees.

Much of the reported damage is along Route 430, near Midway State Park. Photographs taken after Friday’s strong thunderstorms show many uprooted trees, some of which came crashing down onto boats and vehicles.

After being notified of the damage, a spokeswoman at the weather service said radar images will be reviewed to determine if any rotation occurred at the time or if a micro-burst was present. The spokeswoman said strong winds were reported during the storm, and noted that some rotation was spotted in Allegany County.

The National Weather Service tracks and catalogs damage from severe storms.

Becky McCallum, who lives on Rivulet Avenue in Maple Springs, said Friday’s thunderstorm caused several trees to fall in her yard and her neighbor’s. She said it’s the most damage she’s ever seen from one storm.

Submitted photo

“We’ve never had wind come through like that,” McCallum told The Post-Journal on Tuesday. “We’ve never had anything like this. We’ve seen tornadoes before and things like that, but this is just unbelievable.”

McCallum said a large tree fell the length of her yard while another one fell onto her neighbor’s minivan. Insurance agents have reviewed the damage, and McCallum said she’s waiting for a local tree service crew to return from assisting after Hurricane Florence struck the Carolinas to have the trees cleared.

A large tree was also uprooted at the Maple Springs Lakeside Inn on Friday. Owner Rosemary Stage said a smaller tree and several large branches also came down as a result of the storm, but noted no property was damaged.

Asked if she has encountered a similar incident in recent memory, Stage said, “Not like this, the way (the tree) came up.”

Elsewhere, several willow trees were toppled up the road at the Viking Summer Lodge near Midway State Park. Members of the lodge spent much of Saturday clearing the trees from the grounds.

An uprooted tree at Maple Springs Lakeside Inn. Submitted photo