Connect55+ Lakewood Donates To Bethel Lutheran Church Food Pantry

Pictured is a canned food sculpture by residents of Connect55+ Lakewood that was donated to the Bethel Lutheran Church Food Pantry.

LAKEWOOD — Connect55+ Lakewood, an active 55 and over adult independent living in Lakewood, designed a canned food sculpture with collected goods being donated locally.

As part of a corporate-wide charitable contest, the residents of Connect55+ Lakewood were tasked with creating a “sculpture” completely out of canned goods. Those cans would then be donated to a charity selected by the residents.

The contest was organized by Calamar, Connect55+ Lakewood corporate owner, and involved more than 20 competing over 55 communities across the United States owned and managed by Calamar, competing for a canned food trophy, a pizza party and bragging rights. Judging of all entries were selected by employees of Calamar’s corporate office with criteria based on creativity, execution and number of cans collected.

With the help and guidance of Courtney Steubing, Connect55+ Lakewood community manager, and Matthew Zanghi, Connect55+ Lakewood maintenance tech, the residents collaborated and brainstormed about what they should create. An abstract concept dedicated to the keystones of the program was selected. With planning, creativity and execution, a series of keystone islands all connecting to one main island came to life out of cans.

A total of 261 cans of food were collected. Connect55+ Lakewood residents selected the local Bethel Lutheran Church Food Pantry as the donation recipient.


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