Tea Party Hears Quattrone

LAKEWOOD — “I’m trying to focus on the positive,” Sheriff Jim Quattrone told members of Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots at their Aug. 27 meeting at the Lakewood American Legion. “The media portrays a negative attitude toward law enforcement, but the public supports law enforcement.”

For example, officers are encouraged to eat lunch at various coffee shops around the county so that they get an opportunity to talk to local residents. Frequently, Quattrone commented, when the officer attempts to pay for his meal, he learns someone already has paid for it. It is this kind of public support that Quattrone finds very encouraging.

Quattrone’s overall goal is to unify the divisions within the agency and to work cooperatively with other law enforcement agenies. Police officers, chiefs, captains and drug task force members meet to problem solve. A family picnic was held for members of the various divisions to meet socially and build relationships. Quattrone admits that morale is low among guards at the jail. He encourages guards to be respectful to those incarcerated, recognizing that the guards are dealing with “people who are at their worst.”

Plans are to hire six new guards for the jail, but Quattrone admits to a problem finding new employees. Many who take the civil service test are unable to meet the medical requirements or they don’t pass the test.