Kids Escaping Drugs Event May 15 At Falconer

Often times the perception is that those using and abusing drugs and alcohol are easily identifiable. However, the reality is, they are not. People of all walks of life use and abuse.

To address these perceptions and concerns we will be hosting Kids Escaping Drugs, Kimberly Carlson/A Fresh Start, the Ellicott Police Department and Jamestown Police Department in a presentation on Tuesday, May 15, at 6 p.m. in the Falconer High School Auditorium.

The goal is to educate families and community members of the prevalence and harmful effects of alcohol and drug experimentation, use and dependence among adolescents.

“We know that this is a countywide concern, and would like to extend the invitation to neighboring school districts,” said Jeff Jordan, Falconer High School Principal, noting that resources will be provided for substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery.

Alcohol and marijuana are still abused and remain gateway drugs. However, more and more drugs, both pure and synthetic, have become readily available here in Western New York.

“In 2014, the Town of Ellicott Police Department joined with the City of Jamestown Police Department in a Metro Drug Task Force to better address the Heroin epidemic that swept through the area,” said Ellicott Police Chief Ohnmeiss. “Since the inception of the Metro Drug Task Force, we have investigated hundreds of cases and made many arrests, however the drug problem cannot be arrested away; we need to educate the public on the dangers of the current drug crisis we are facing.”

Vaping has grown in popularity and has become a concern specifically among high school students. Vaping devises include not just e-cigarettes, but also vape pens, and even more personalized vaporizers, which students can easily conceal. The health risks and benefits of using these relatively new devices are still being evaluated. However, there is a growing body of evidence indicating that the chemicals being used in these products may be dangerous.

“This is more than just a school concern. And the only way to stop this epidemic and help our youth is to educate. We are really hoping that this is a well attended event,” Jordan said. “Falconer Central School has always encouraged healthy choices among our students. One example of our commitment towards this is our High School After Prom Party. This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary of this tradition.”

“Following our Junior/Senior Prom, we put on a huge celebration for our students. The party starts at midnight and goes until 5 a.m. We have snacks, a coffee bar, a DJ with music/karaoke, a casino where fake money can be won to purchase prizes. In the past we have had a mechanical bull, dunk tank, inflatable relay, almost anything you could imagine. Likewise, we’ve given away prizes such as iPads all the way up to a used car,” said Rosie Digirolamo, after prom party coordinator. “We also have a DUI Simulator.”