Washington Middle School Releases November Students Of The Month

Emily Cardinale
Payton Denson
Olivia Kubera
Cora Blodien

Emily Cardinale is in fifth grade and is the daughter of Kelly and Curt Cardinale. She likes to participate in gymnastics in her spare time. Her favorite subject in school is science and thanks Mrs. Zahn for never giving up on her. In the future, she wants to be a fashion designer.

Payton Denson is in sixth grade and is the son of Jessica Bell and Chris Denson. His favorite subject is social studies and says Mrs. Pitts has made a difference in his life. In his spare time he likes to play basketball and go to the gym to work out. In the future he wants to go to Waldameer and Dave & Busters.

Olivia Kubera is a seventh-grader and the daughter of Becky Kubera and Kyle Kubera. Her favorite subjects are math and chorus and has been influenced by Mr. Alpaugh who helped her love of music grow. She enjoys singing and playing piano in her spare time and in the future she would like to become a music teacher.

Cora Blodien is in eighth grade and is the daughter of Tammi Blodien. She enjoys participating in marching band in her spare time. Her favorite subject in school is English and believes Mrs. Cunningham has made a difference in her life by helping her understand math and other subjects. In the future she wants to be an electrician or work with electronics in some way.