Lynda Hirsch On Television — Summaries


Victor tells Brady he is demoting him. The only way he will regain his title is if he makes Eve go away. Brady decides to frame Eve for Deimos’ murder. At the police station, Eve provides an alibi for the night of Deimos’ death: she and Chloe attended the opera in New York City. Brady is stunned when Victor says his plot to frame Eve was stupid. With Eve set free the police will decide someone in the house was the culprit and Brady could become the main suspect. Eli and Rafe continue to butt heads. Eli informs Rafe he does not take orders from him. In Memphis, Sonny tells Paul he is sorry for all the emotional stress he has caused him. Giving Paul their wedding band, he asks him to marry him. A guilt-ridden Paul admits he saw Will, and Sonny tosses the wedding ring at Paul and heads to the bar. Giving permission for Will’s grave to be exhumed, Sami is thrilled when the grave is empty. Lucas tells Chloe one of the reasons he gets drunk is because he has visions of Will. Claire is thrilled when her latest video goes viral. She is furious when she learns Theo paid for those likes. Steve warns Tripp to try and get over his feelings for Claire as romantic triangles only cause pain. Chad, Kate and Abby believe Andre when he swears he is not behind the Dimera skullduggery. Theo goes to the waterfront to break into the office of whoever is behind the company crime. When the alarm goes off, JJ goes to the scene. Unaware that Theo is the culprit, JJ shots and Theo falls on the ground.



Jordan bumps into Hillary and they trade insults. Hillary warns Jordan that she will get her revenge and he won’t see it coming. Hillary learns that Jordan made a fake ID. Victoria, upset by Jordan’s side job, fires him. Sharon and Scott try to convince Paul that Zack is behind the sex ring. Paul agrees to look into their theories but advises them to leave the investigating to him. Abby is suspicious when Victoria secretly meets with Victor. Later, Jack teases Victoria that Brash & Sassy is dying a slow death but Victoria promises him that she’s on the verge of a comeback. Billy is shocked to find Juliet living in the Chancellor Mansion. Cane arrives and he and Billy trade jabs before commiserating on their failed relationships. Cane gets drunk and goes to Lily’s house begging her for a second chance. Victor decides to hold a party to celebrate Abby’s success with the Design Date app. Meanwhile, Neil and Devon purchase a top-level public relations firm. Neil decides to run the firm when Victor discovers someone at Newman Enterprises and asks Neil for help. Neil encourages Nikki to attend the party with Victor because it will generate good press. At the party, Abby is blindsided when she learns Victoria is now COO of Newman and will be Abby’s boss. When Sharon and Scott confront Zach about his slave sex ring, he bolts with Abby. At the party Dina becomes unhinged when she spot Nikki. Nikki screams when Dina stabs her,


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