Hispanic Heritage Month, Outreach Efforts Recognized Locally

Chautauqua Adult Day Care Services hosted a Recognition of Hispanic Outreach on Wednesday.

“We’re having a luncheon to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month,” said Executive Director Frank Bercik. “We just recently expanded our Hispanic Outreach to Seniors Program to southern Chautauqua County and our goal is to try and work more into the Latino community by providing interpretation and translation services for older adults.”

Bercik said while he wants to reach more diverse communities he also wants to increase diversity in the day program at Chautauqua Day Services.

Bercik believes work over the last few years has already shown signs of progress. He said that at least 10 percent of Chautauqua Adult Day Care Services is from a Latino community.

Chautauqua Adult Day Care Services has locations in Dunkirk, Westfield and Jamestown. The organization offers day care for senior citizens who can then continue living at home. The services began in northern Chautauqua County and has over the last few years expanded south.

County Executive Vince Horrigan delivers a speech during Chautauqua Adult Day Services' Recognition of Hispanic Outreach celebration Wednesday. Horrigan provided Executive Director Frank Bercik with a proclamation. P-J Photo by Jordan W. Patterson

“It’s Hispanic Heritage month so we want to make sure that they feel as comfortable as possible,” said Associate Director Karen Lucks.

The day program offers older individuals a welcoming place to go visit during the day.

“They get supervision, they get nutrition,” Bercik said, “and case-management services and our goal is to give caregivers a break and at the same time give older adults a meaningful program to go to during the day to help them remain at home rather than have them go into a nursing home or get assisted living or have other levels of care in the home.”

The celebration featured Hispanic related food, music and dancing. “It’s just a day of celebration,” Lucks said.

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