Missing Name On Party Line Questioned By Councilwoman

Questions have been raised over how the name of a Jamestown City Councilwoman seeking re-election was left off an official document authorizing her to run on the Chautauqua County Independence Party line in November.

In past elections, the party has authorized Kimberly Ecklund to appear on their line. A Republican councilwoman-at-large, she secured the Independence Party’s authorization during a June meeting. Ecklund is looking to retain her at-large seat on the City Council.

The list of candidates authorized to run on the Independence line was sent to the county Board of Elections where it was notarized by Doris Parment, deputy Democratic elections commissioner, on July 17. The list of candidates on the notarized document didn’t have Ecklund’s name on it.

Ecklund said she’s disappointed and is asking how it happened.

“It’s disappointing when you go out and do what you’re supposed to do,” she said. “You have that endorsement; you follow the rules and one little thing gets you off the ballot. It could make or break my election. Was it intentional or was it truly an accident?”

Political parities can nominate a candidate who isn’t an enrolled member of their party. July 17 was the last day for political parties to file a certificate of authorization with signatures and acknowledgment by the presiding officer and the secretary of the meeting at which the authorization was given.

With the deadline already passed, Ecklund’s name can’t be put back on the official document. Brian Abram, Republican elections commissioner, said they can only go with what’s on the official document. Without the name, there’s no authorization.

“There was an oversight and at least a situation where the name wasn’t on there for whatever reason,” he said. “We can only go with what’s in front of us, and that’s the official document.”

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