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Stockwell Shines In JHS ECIC Setback To Frontier

Jamestown’s Allie Stockwell claimed victories in the 50- and 100-yard freestyles during Tuesday’s Erie County Interscholastic Conference swim meet against Frontier. P-J photos by Chad Ecklof

Allie Stockwell continued her fine season in the pool Tuesday, as she won two individual events and was part of a winning relay in Jamestown’s 97-79 setback to Frontier in an Erie County Interscholastic Conference meet.

The senior standout won the 200-yard medley relay (2:02.13) and the 50 freestyle (25.08), and was also part of the victorious 200 medley relay with teammates Emily Spitz, Grace Osborne and Sarah Russo.

Rheese Maggio (diving) and Spitz (100 breaststroke) also captured individual wins for the Lady Red Raiders.

Kya Pawli claimed the 200 freestyle (2:00.83) and the 100 butterfly (1:01.68) to pace the Lady Falcons.

200-yard medley relay: Jamestown (Allison Stockwell, Emily Spitz, Grace Osborne, Sarah Russo, Frontier, Jamestown. T–2:02.13.

Jamestown’s Grace Olson finished second in the 100 butterfly.

200 freestyle: Kya Pawli (F), Payton Kuryak (F), Paige Mulawka (F). T–2:00.83.

200 individual medley: Olivia Pike (F), Madeline Domster (F), Anna Jones (J). T–2:28.53.

50 freestyle: Stockwell (J), Russo (J), Erin Woods (F). T–25.08.

Diving: Rheese Maggio (J). P–166.72.

100 butterfly: Pawli (F), Osborne (J), Courtney Allen (F). T–1:10.14.

100 freestyle: Stockwell (J), Pike (F), Russo (J). T–55.77.

500 freestyle: Allen (F), Spitz (J), Emma Sauer (F). T–5:51.24.

200 freestyle relay: Frontier (Pike, Pawli, Olivia Heltz, Allen), Frontier, Jamestown. T–1:49.41.

100 backstroke: Heltz (F), Osborne (J), Anna Burt (J). T–1:07.03.

100 breaststroke: Emily Spitz (J), Madeline Domster (F), Payton Kuryak (F). T–1:20.46.

400 freestyle relay: Frontier (Pike, Pawli, Allen, Heltz), Jamestown, Frontier. T–4:00.66.


MAYVILLE — Southwestern claimed a 119-66 CCAA victory over Chautauqua Lake.

Grace Wood took home the 50-yard freestyle with a 25.24 and the 100-yard butterfly with a 1:03.67 for the winners. Teammate Teagan Shedd was also a double winner, claiming the 200-yard individual medley in 2:35.68 and the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:18.50.

200y medley relay: Southwestern (Ellie Kreinheder, Roisin Hagel, Teagan Shedd, Natalie Fosberg), Chautauqua Lake, SW. T–2:04.16

200y freestyle: Roisin Hagel (S), Kreinheder (S), Grace Bukowski (CL). T–2:14.67

200y individual medley: Teagan Shedd (S), Kendra Keyser (CL), Ella Fosberg (S). T–2:35.68

50y freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Natalie Fosberg (S), Amelia Brown (C). T–25.24

1m diving: Elise Coffin (S), Kreinheder (S), Keyser (C). T–153.00

100y butterfly: Grace Wood (S), Roisin Hagel (S), Jade Shampoe (C). T–1:03.67

100y freestyle: Ani Duffee (C), Maddison Cresanti (S), Bethany Schaaf (C). T–1:12.27

500y freestyle: Ella Fosberg (S), Alexis Gnjalva (S), Hannah Morrison (C). T–6:33.32

200y freestyle relay: Southwestern (Natalie Fosberg, Roisin Hagel, Grace Wood, Isabella Gnjalva). T–1:48.64

100y backstroke: Natalie Fosberg (S), Ellie Kreinheder (S), Morgan Faulk (S). T–1:05.44.

100y breaststroke: Teagan Shedd (S), Amelia Brown (C), Jessica Morse (C). T–1:18.50

400y freestyle relay: Southwestern (Grace Wood, Ella Fosberg, Kreinheder, Gnjalva), Chautauqua Lake, SW. T–4:17.28.


OLEAN–Olean was a 109-76 winner over Panama.

Izzi Bailey won the 200-yard freestyle in 2:11.20 and the 100-yard freestyle in 56.24 for the Panthers.

200y medley relay: Olean (Gwen Mitchell, Megan Jackson, Kassidy Gehm, Alexis Trietley), Olean, Panama. T–2:05.14

200y freestyle: Izzi Bailey (P), Olivia Marshall (O), Leah Saxton (P). T–2:11.20

200y individual medley: Sara Thomas (O), Gwen Mitchell (O), Alexa Steighner (O). T–2:40.20

50y freestyle: Trietley (O), Karianne Yuchnitz (P), Christine Pagett (O). T–24.97.

1m diving: Abi Lisciandro (P), Makenna O’Connell (O), Hope Marshall (P). P–415.30.

100y butterfly: Yuchnitz (P), Megan Jackson (O), Hialeah Johnson (P). T–1:07.94

100y freestyle: Izzi Bailey (P), Pagett (O), Sara Thomas (O). T–56.24.

500y freestyle: Olivia Marshall (O), Johnson (P), Maddie Lisciandro (P). T–5:58.50

200y freestyle: Olean (Trietley, Megan Jackson, Pagett, Sara Thomas), Panama, Olean. T–1:46.58.

100y backstroke: Mitchell (O), Willa Anderson (P), Sakala (O). T–1:13.18.

100y backstroke: Kassidy Gehm (O), Megan Jackson (O), Abi Lisciandro (P). T–1:20.69

400y freestyle: Olean (Alexis Trietley, Olivia Marshall, Pagett, Thomas), Panama, Olean. T–3:57.83.