Scroxton, Sullivan Show The Way In Cross Country

From the left, Karley Kennedy of Falconer, Hannah Lillie of Southwestern and Mikaela LeBaron of Falconer tour the 3.1-mile course at Southwestern Central School in a Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls cross country meet Tuesday afternoon. P-J photos by Jay Young

Falconer took home the boys team title from a four-way Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association cross country meet on Tuesday with 26 points, while Southwestern finished with 38, Jamestown 78 and Frewsburg 91.

In the girls race Southwestern was the winner with 36, Falconer had 40, Jamestown 68 and Frewsburg 85.

Eddie Scroxton claimed the boys race for the Trojans with a 17:52 but was chased closely by Falconer’s Bryce Baglia (17:59) and teammate Dagon Bryant (17:59).

Hannah Sullivan of Southwestern ran the 3.1-mile course in 22:02 for the girls victory.


Southwestern’s Eddie Scroxton and Falconer’s Bryce Baglia run stride for stride in the boys race.

1–Eddie Scroxton (S), T–17:52; 2–Bryce Baglia (FA); 3–Dagon Bryant (S); 4–Collin Barmore (FA); 5–Rayven Sample (FA); 6–Joey Pillittieri (FA); 7–Jackson Vanstrom (S); 8–Drew Carlson (J); 9–Connor Hudson (FA); 10–Toby Gifford (FR).


1–Hannah Sullivan (S), T-22:02; 2–Hannah Lillie (S); 3–Acacia Barber (FR), 4–Carissa Minarovich (S), 5–Macey Arnone (FA), 6–Kaitlin Brentley (FA), 7–MiKaela Lebaron (FA), 8–Rylee Gore (FR), 9–Tabitha Clark (F), 10–S. DeAngelo (J).


FRANKLINVILLE–Randolph claimed the boys meet with 32 points and Allegany-Limestone won the girls race with 24 points in a five-way race hosted by Franklinville/Ellicottville.

Ronan McDonald took home the boys race with a time of 19:08 while teammate Joshua Walters clocked a 19:27. Ashlyn Collins posted a 22:09 to win the girls race.

Following behind the Cardinals was Allegany-Limestone with 36 points, Franklinville/Ellicottville with 76 and Olean with 93 while the Huskies took second place in the girls race with 61 points, Franklinville/Ellicottville third with 64 points and Randolph fourth with 69.

Cuba-Rushford was not able to compete in the team standings.


1–Ronan McDonald (R), T-19:08; 2–Joshua Walters (R); 3-Ryan Wisniewski (A); 4–Maddox Bush (F); 5–Donald Higgs (AL); 6–Chris Reethmiller (R); 7–Jacob Brink (A); 8–Roan Kelly (R); 9–Nate Gabler (O); 10–Zack Krenzl (AL).


1–Ashlyn Collins (O), T–22:09; 2–Isabelle Porterfield (AL); 3–Angelina Napoleon (AL); 4–Lindsey Clawson (A); 5–Hailey Kumpf (CR); 6–Erin Martin (O); 7–Maddy Stromb (AL); 8–Sydney Smith (R); 9–Tarryn Herman (24:44); 10–Alyssa Studley (AL).


GOWANDA — The Maple Grove girls posted 21 points to win their meet with Clymer/Sherman/Panama (37 points) and Gowanda (83).

The Maple Grove boys were also victorious, posting 15 points to 50 for Gowanda.

Peter Auer of Maple Grove was victorious for the boys with a time of 15:53 while teammates Darius Jones and Frank Colburn followed in second and third respectively.

Kylee Odell picked up a win for Clymer/Sherman/Panama, touring the course in 18:16 to edge out second-place Christina Peppy of Maple Grove.


1–Peter Auer (M), T–15:53; 2–Darius Jones (M); 3–Frank Colburn (M); 4–Hunter Wassink (C); 5–Riley Auer (M); 6–Nick Brunenavs (M); 7–Drew Kelemen (M); 8–Tyler McPherson (M); 9–Maddox Browning (G); 10–Christian Cook (G).


1–Kylee Odell (C), T–18:16; 2–Christina Peppy (M); 3–Ava Crist (M); 4–Abby Brunenavs (M); 5–Hannah Tarbrake (M); 6–Hannah Schauman (CSP); 7–Brynn Mozzi (M); 8–McKenzie Gratto (C); 9–Tori Pavlock (M); 10–Anneka White (C).