Results From Third Annual Dragon Boat Race Announced

CELORON– The third annual Chautauqua Lake Dragon Boat Race was held on August 11 at Lucille Ball Memorial Park, with Wegmans Local leading all teams in the Casual Paddlers Division with a time of 1:05.93.

Heritage Ministries No. 1 took second with a 1:08.10, Creche third with a 1:08.64, Wegmans Buffalo No. 2 fourth at 1:09.54, Novice Revelers/Dixie Siegel fifth in 1:10.04 and CRCF sixth in 1:10.50.

Heritage Ministries No. 2 was seventh in 1:13.40, TRC No. 2 eighth in 1:14.71, Wegmans Buffalo No. 3 ninth in 1:21.71, CRCF/TRC No. 4 10th in 1:26.29, TRC No. 1 11th in 1:28.79 and TRC No. 3 12th in 1:30.16.

In the Local Masters Division, Kharram Grotto No. 1 was the winner with a time of 1:03.23, GCFCU No. 3 took second in 1:04.53, Rotary of Jamestown fourth in 1:05.40, Wegmans Buffalo No. 5 took fourth in 1:05.60, Wegmans Buffalo No. 1 took fifth in 1:08.94, First Lutheran Church took sixth in 1:10.67, and GCFCU No. 2 took seventh in 1:12.14.

In the Elite Division, team New Flyer was the winner with a time of 59.99, while SKF No. 1 took second in 1:00.36, Sanfilippo Solutions third in 1:00.46, Kharram Grotto No. 2 Community Boat third in 1:01.16, SKF No. 2 fifth in 1:03.76, GCFCU No. 1 in 1:05.57 and Chautauqua Council 202 UTC seventh in 1:07.63.

In the Sport Club Division, Ithaca Gorge Dragons was first in 56.16 and Steel City Dragons was second in 57.76.