Golf Leagues

CASSADAGA — In the Monday Night Men’s League at Cassadaga Valley Country Club Tim Bulger led the way with a 35.

Closest to the pin on No. 6 was Matt Wallace while skins went to Randy Butts and L.B. Meyers.

Tim Bulger 35, Randy Butts 39, Ross Conti 39, Fred Chamberlin 39, Chris MacKrell 39, Matt Wallace 39, Steve Nichols 40, Dan Kenzie 41, Adam Meyers 41


In the Moon Brook Country Club Guest Day event the team of Carol Cardinale, Lisa Johnson, Alex Sullivan and Anne Wallace took home first place with a 122.

The team of Brenda Tarana, Kristen Carlson, Sandy Calalesina and Karen Coccagnia tied June Scheira, Sally Scalise, Robin Michos and Sara Weinstein with 128s.

Sheryl Johnson, Mary Grace Guarino, Anne Wallace and Cindy Jansen shot 129; as did the team of Sue Moran, Micki McCray, Dawson Kelly and Pamela Noll.


CHAUTAUQUA — In the Chautauqua Women’s Golf Association, Bernie Elkin, Colleen Reeve, Jeanne Wiebenga, Mary Ellen Lynden and Jane Stiriniman all tied for first place in the Gala Days Event.

Lynn McCauley, Jana Stone, Pat Moynihan and Andy McLean were second. Barb Jones, Jami Sorrento, Judy Kullberg and Nancy Barkstrom tied for third with the team of Sheila Vergith, Pat Jones, Leslie Peet and Carol Sorg.


MAGNOLIA — In the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Willow Run Golf Course Marsha Gastol had the low gross in Class A with a 40, Connie Crick a 28 to lead the net scores and Doris Large had 11 putts.

In Class B Rosemarie Wilder had a 45 gross, Kathy Yaw a 26 net while Ann Fruin and Fran McCarren tied with 17 putt.


DEWITTVILLE — In the Wednesday Morning Senior League at Chautauqua Point Golf Course Mel Baldwin was the medalist in the Gold Flight with a 39.

In the White Flight was led by Scott Dearing with a 40.

Closest to the pin on hole No. 8 Mel Baldwin.

GOLD FLIGHT: Mel Baldwin 39, Rich Ressler 43

WHITE FLIGHT: Scott Dearing 40, Pete Motrynzcuk 42, Frank Paternosh 43, Bill Barber 44


In the Moon Brook Country Club Ladies Thursday Night League Sheryl Johnson and Diana Ordines finished with a 56.5..

Sheryl Johnson 56.5, Diana Ordines 56.5, Pam Shay 55, Robin Michos 55, Lisa Johnson 53, Esther Savage 53


WARREN, Pa. — On Women’s Day at Conewango Valley Country Club, Barb Wilson led the way with a 35.

Ditka grabbed longest putt on No. 13 and Dubia was the Even Up winner.

Barb Wilson 35, Judy Dale 36, Hallie Dubia 37, Marlene Sandberg 37, Linda Ditka 37


WARREN, Pa. — On Men’s Day at Conewango Valley Country Club, Greg Noon and Craig Tidquist took the 18-hole Better Ball title with a 63, while Bill Turner and Thomas McKeever shot 64 to tie with Chad Vicini and Larry Vicini for second.

In the 9-hole Better Ball field, Andy Hanks and Sylas Cameron; Greg Noon and Craig Tidquist; and Howard Fyock and Tony Pellegrino Sr. all shot 30 with Hanks and Cameron taking leading in team credits while Noon and Tidquist took second.

In Even Up, Pellegrino Sr. shot 17, John Carlson 18, Andy Hanks 18, Tidquist 18, Dave See 18 and Fyock 18.

Tidquist shot a 34 gross and Pellegrino Sr. a 32 net to lead the Woods Flight; Hanks a 36 gross and Matthew Sandberg a 2 net to lead the Spieth Flight; Carlson a 40 gross and John Villella a 35 net to lead the Nicklaus Flight; while Mark Donick had a 46 gross and John Dale a 34 net to lead the Palmer Flight.

Jack Yates birdied No. 11 for a skin and Tony Pellegrino birdied No. 16 for a skin, while Matthew Sandberg eagled No. 13 and kickers went to George Adams and Fyock.

Closest to the pin on No. 11 was Hersh Pathack and Brendan Lobdell had the longest putt on No. 13.


WARREN, Pa. — Leading the Eastern Division after this past week of play in the Cable Hollow Senior Men’s Friday League is Schwab’s Copiers with 414.5, while Get-R-Done has 399, The New Guys 395, The Duffer’s 381, Cable Hollow 380.5, Bay Viewers 379, Jones Pest Control 374.5, Bonded Services 369, CRI 356.5, Falconer/Frewsburg 347.5 and House of Print 344.

Leading the West is Mt. Laurel FCU with 410, Pete’s Team has 387, The Yanks 385.5, Struther’s Wells 384, Jones Chevrolet 383, Mike’s Townline 379.5, Maple Place 376, Warren Tire 371.5, H/H Daley Realty 365, Conn & Company 357.5 and S & A Construction 354.5.

Low Gross went to Jon Vincent and David Garey with 37s, while Jon Saullo had a 29 net.

Garey had an eagle and Vincent three birdies, Jim Hitchcock had the most pars with seven and Pete Hofert is the top point getter with 110.


In the Friday Couples League at Moon Brook Country Club low gross went to the team of Rich Shelley, Steve Bowman and Janet Bowman with 29.

First low net were Pete Scheira, June Scheira, Jon Scalise and Sally Scalise with 26.5.

Second low net was the team of Tom Glatz, Mary Glatz, tom Calalesina and Sandy Calalesina with a 28; third low net went to Gene Johnson, Sheryl Johnson, Phil Strand and Libby Nord with 29; fourth low net was Gene Aversa, Ann Aversa, Todd Patric and Annette Patric with a 29; while fifth low net went to Mark Wilson, Melissa Wilson, Scott Sampson and Brenda Sampson with a 29.

Ann Aversa and Steve Bowman were closest to the pin on No. 3, June Scheira and Rick Bakewell were closest to the pin on No. 4, long drive on No. 6 went to Diana Ordines and Jason Stronz, and June Schiera and Randy Ordines were closest to the pin on No. 8.


CHAUTAUQUA — In the Bill Sprague Wednesday Night Golf League at Chautauqua Golf Club EMCO was first with 235 points, Freay’s Funeral Homes second with 233, Ball Busters 232, Larry’s Cantina 221, Farm Fresh Foods 220, Czervik Construction 214, Rowe Construction 213, Good Time Saloon 211, Silk Construction 209, Jamestown Skeet 203 and Better Than Workin 191.


Leading the First Flight in the Circulus at Moon Brook Country Club was the team of Jon Gren, Matt Hartweg and Derek Dawson with a 60; while Mike Wellman, Mike Roberts, Judge Lamancuso and Bill Bernard also carded a 60 to finish second by a show of cards.

Kris Olson, John Rasmussen, Alex Bianco and Mike Martinelli had 61, as did Tom Calalesina, George Carlson, Sam Restivo and Fred Cardinale.

In the second flight Phil DeAngelo, Ron Caruso, Tom Trusso and Eric Trusso shot 67; Frank Puchiarelli, Ken Mathias, Derek Garret and Dave Garret 68; Ken Lawton, Rich Dixon, Steve Aughey and Bill Burk 68; Rich Farrell, Bill Salter, Todd Conklin and Mike Benson 68.

Jamie Henderson was closest to the pin on No. 3, Bill Bernard on No. 4, Bill Sikorski on No. 8, Brandon Waite on No. 13 and Mark Anderson on NO. 17.

Derek Dawson had the long drive on 18.


RUSSELL, Pa. — Bill Petransky had the low gross with a 37 while Alan Ludwick had the low net with a 32 during the Senior Men’s Friday Golf League at Cable Hollow Golf Course on Aug. 17.

Ludwick made three birdies while Bob Wolfe, John Basting, Bill Kulinski and Pat Black each made two birdies. Ralph Gallo, John Owens, Don Smith and Jay Mengel each made one birdie.

Dave Ford had the most points with 8.5 while Pete Hofert leads the season-long points race with 100.5.

Schwab’s Copiers leads the Eastern Division with 373.5 points while The New Guys are second with 356.5 points. Get-R-Done is next with 354 points followed by Cable Hollow (340.5), Bay Viewers (340.5), Jones Pest Control (338), The Duffer’s (337), Bonded Services (332.5), CRI (318), House of Printing (312) and Falconer/Frewsburg (297.5).

Mt. Laurel FCU leads the Western Division with 363.5 points followed by Pete’s Team (353.5), Jones Chevrolet (345), Struther’s Wells (340.5), Mike’s Townline (339.5), The Yankees (337.5), Warren Tire (337), Maple Place (332.5), HH Daley Realty (327.5), Conn & Company (320.5) and S&A Construction (317).


FALCONER — Emily Comstock shot a 52 to lead the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Breezewood Links.

Comstock also led the net scores with a 36.

Maxine Underwood hit the fewest putts with 15.

GROSS: Emily Comstock 52, Nancy Barkstrom 53, Nancy Larson 54, Alice Certo 59

NET: Emily Comstock 36, Nancy Barkstrom 37, Bonnie Harvey 37, Christine Emborsky 39, Maxine Underwood 39


CASSADAGA — Tim Bulger’s 30 led the Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League at Cassadaga Country Club.

Bulger also led the net scores with a 26.

Sean Helmer was closest to the pin on No. 6. Bulger eagled No. 9, Scott Jagoda birdied No. 1 and Helmer birdied No. 6.

Tim Bulger 30, Steve Wintersteen 35, Brenton Wilcox 36, Todd Fenton 37, Sean Helmer 37, Mike Lancaster 37, Fred Chamberlin 39, Don House 39, Scott Jagoda 39, Rod Lind 39


The Thursday Night Men’s Golf League at Cassadaga Country Club was led by Kerry Murphy with a 36.

Meder had the low net with a 30, Chamberlin was closest to the pin on No. 15, and Jason Habich won the skin on No. 12.

Kerry Murphy 36, Dan Meder 38, Jason Habich 39, Rob Lancaster 39, Mike Lawhead 39, Rob Kahle 40, Randy Butts 42, Mike Lancaster 42, Ron Mason 42, Matt Wallace 42


BEMUS POINT — Mike Richner led the way in the Monday Evening Bemus Point Church League at Bemus Point Golf Club with a 47.

Mike Richner 47, Ben Dill 50, Mindy Weaver 51, Wayne Weaver 52, Greg Leonard 54


BEMUS POINT — In the Wednesday Morning Men’s Golf League Chuck Vestotski, Irv King and Mark Digirolamo all shot 40.

Chuck Vestotski 40, Irv King 40, Mark Digirolamo 40, Keith Beckerink 44, Bob Sargent 44, Don Angelo 45, Darrell Gruber 45, Doug Smith 45, Steve Martins 46, Joe Michelitsch 46, Paul Rabener 47, Denny Tyger 47