Frewsburg Swims To Win As Kramer, Johnson Double

FREWSBURG — Madison Kramer and Kiah Johnson won two events apiece as Frewsburg swam to a 143-25 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association victory over Gowanda on Tuesday afternoon.

Kramer claimed the 200-meter individual medley (2:43.48) and the 100 butterfly (1:14.83), while Johnson prevailed in the 50 freestyle (29.31) and the 100 backstroke (1:14.33).

The Bears won every event.

200-meter medley relay: Frewsburg (Kiah Johnson, Kaylynn Rosequist, Madison Kramer, Dani Gray), Frewsburg, Gowanda. T–2:15.84.

200 freestyle: Kaylee Constantino (F), Olivia Ekstrom (F), Riley Chitester (F). T–2:27.65.

200 individual medley: Kramer (F), Kaylynn Powers (F), Kaylynn Rosequist (F). T–2:43.48.

50 freestyle: Kiah Johnson (F), Claire Johnson (F), Brianna Rosequist (F). T–29.31.

Diving: Claire Johnson (F). P–189.23.

100 butterfly: Kramer (F), Ava Palmquist (F), Powers (F). T–1:14.83.

100 freestyle: Gray (F), Constantino (F), Madison Albright (F). T–1:05.21.

400 freestyle: Ekstrom (F), Chitester (F), Abby Ward (F). T–5:16.87.

200 freestyle relay: Frewsburg (Gray, Kramer, Constantino, Ekstrom), Frewsburg, Gowanda. T–2:01.99.

100 backstroke: Kiah Johnson (F), Ava Palmquist (F), Hannah Eckert (F). T–1:14.33.

100 breaststroke: Brianna Rosequist (F), Albright (F), Kaylynn Rosequist (F). T–1:25.75.

400 freestyle relay: Frewsburg (Gray, Constantino, Ekstrom, Kiah Johnson), Frewsburg, Gowanda. T–4:36.32.


OLEAN — Olean captured 10 of 12 events en route to a 123-61 victory over Chautauqua Lake.

Christine Pagett was a double winner for the Lady Huskies, claiming the 50-yard freestyle (25.75) and the 100 freestyle (57.67).

Recording wins for the Lady Thunderbirds were Grace Bukowski in the 200 freestyle (2:21.01) and Kendra Keyser in the 100 backstroke (1:14.47).

200-yard medley relay: Olean (Christine Pagett, Alexis Trietley, Megan Jackson, Kassidy Gehm), Olean, Chautauqua Lake. T–2:03.30.

200 freestyle: Grace Bukowski (Chautauqua Lake), Anna Slavinski (Olean), Mackenzie Sakala (Olean). T–2:26.55.

200 individual medley: Sara Thomas (O), Jade Shampoe (CL), Gwen Mitchell (O). T–2:41.23.

50 freestyle: Pagett (O), Amelia Brown (CL), Kendra Keyser (CL). T–28.61.

Diving: Hannah Vanderhoef (O), Makenna O’Connell (O), Kaylene Wardner (O). P–165.90.

100 butterfly: Megan Jackson (O), Emma Mikolaczyk (O), Shampoe (CL). T–1:20.46.

100 freestyle: Pagett (O), ElisaMaria Martel (O), Ani Duffee (CL). T–57.67.

500 freestyle: Olivia Marshall (O), Grace Bukowski (CL), Sarah Tilley (CL). T–6:07.31.

200 freestyle relay: Olean (Gehm, Jackson, Pagett, Thomas), Chautauqua Lake, Olean. T–1:51.67.

100 backstroke: Keyser (CL), Mitchell (O), Sakala (O). T–1:14.47.

100 breaststroke: Trietley (O), Gehm (O), Schaaf (CL). T–1:13.18.

400 freestyle relay: Olean (Jackson, Marshall, Thomas, Anna Slavinski), Chautauqua Lake, Olean. T–4:16.37.


ALLEGANY — Karianne Yuchnitz and Izzy Bailey doubled as Panama rolled to a 112-74 victory over Allegany-Limestone.

Yuchnitz won the 50-yard freestyle (25.42) and the 100 butterfly (1:07.87), while Bailey claimed the 200 freestyle (2:09.62) and the 100 freestyle (59.00).

Emmy Li captured the 500 freestyle (6:03.48) and 100 breaststroke (1:20.83) for the Lady Gators.

200-yard medley relay: Allegany-Limestone (Alice Li, Emmy Li, Brooke Pecorella, Karlie Shea), Panama, Panama. T–2:12.75.

200 freestyle: Izzi Bailey (P), Leah Saxton (P), Pecorella (A-L). T–2:09.62.

200 individual medley: Meghan Brink (A-L), Willa Anderson (P), Gabby Sanzo (A-L). T–2:42.43.

50 freestyle: Karianne Yuchnitz (P), ALi (A-L), Maddie Lisciandro (P). T–25.42.

Diving: Abi Lisciandro (P), Claire Heimburg (P), Hope Marshall (P). P–203.60.

100 butterfly: Yuchnitz (P), Pecorella (A-L), Shea (A-L). T–1:07.87.

100 freestyle: Bailey (P), Tessa Mozzi (P), Izzy Mikula (P). T–1:06.89.

500 freestyle: Emmy Li (A-L), Leah Saxton (P), Hialeah Johnson (P). T–6:17.52.

200 freestyle relay: Panama (Bailey, Mozzi, Saxton, Yuchnitz). T–1:51.41.

100 backstroke: Alice Li (A-L), Paige Pecorella (A-L), Olivia Morton (P). T–1:22.65.

100 breaststroke: Emmy Li (A-L), Willa Anderson (P), Abi Lisciandro (P). T–1:20.83.

400 freestyle relay: Panama (Yuchnitz, Mozzi, Saxton, Bailey), Allegany-Limestone, Panama. T–4:06.31