Asquith Senior Tour Visits Pine Acres

BRADFORD, Pa.–The Asquith Senior Golf Tour visited Pine Acres Country Club this week, with Jud Foy leading the way in White Flight A with a plus five, while Brian Eckwahl was plus two and Dave Young plus two with a 74.

Dave Gerringer was plus six in White Flight B, Bob Burlingame plus six, Jack Saullo plus four while Fran Dexter and Gerringer carded 90s.

In Gold Flight A, Joe McCourt was plus two, Dave Allen plus one with an 84, while Norm Biegar and Jim Phillips were plus one.

In Gold Flight B, Dennis Richards was plus one with a 92, Joe Palermo plus one, Doug Spoto zero and Ron Willey zero.

In Gold Flight C, Bill Anderson was plus three, Lynn Butcher plus two, Bill Derby plus one, Jim Fincher plus one, Russ Vacanti plus one and John Depew shot 92.

Ed Potter was plus 12 to lead Gold Flight D, Dave Nichols was plus seven, Don Armstrong plus six and Charlie Stafford plus six while Tuck Underwood shot 97.

Closest to the pin on No. 3 was Joe McCourt, on No. 7 was Bill Davenport, on No. 13 was Bruce Carlson and on No. 17 was Bill Derby.