Trap Leagues

In this week’s action in the Chautauqua County Trap League, Randolph bested Busti, 347-341, and Celoron downed Carroll, 336-333, while perfect 50s came from Steve Crudele, Dale Speta, Tim Sickles, Skip Frazier, Elijah Trawick and Ray Lee.

High Ladies were Rose Corbran and Steph Tutmaher with 47s; High Junior was Kris Badjo with a 49; High Sub Junior was Kaden Swanson with a 47; High Veterans were Crudele and Frazier; High Senior Veteran was Lee; and High Super Senior Veteran honors went to Paul McKotch and Jerry Willett with 48s.

RANDOLPH: Steve Crudele 50; Dale Speta 50; Tim Sickles 50; Skip Frazier 50; Howard Arnold 49; Denny Gullo 49; Gary Sickles Sr 49

BUSTI: Elijah Trawick 50; Scott McKotch 49; Dave Weber 49; Charlie Brown 49; Dale Johnson 48; Reed Johnson 48; Paul McKotch 48

CELORON: Kris Badjo 49; Dave Kingsley 49; Jerry Willett 48; Scott Carter 48; Jeff Gens 48; Bob Bailey 47; Rose Corbran 47

CARROLL: Ray Lee 50; Jim Nowacki 49; Brad Gunnell 47; Bob Gunnell 47; Jerry Linden 47; Marty Nelson 47; Charlie Lombardo 46