Trap Leagues

A total of six perfect scores were recorded in the Chautauqua County Trap League recently.

Marty Gawron, Skip Frazier, Dennis Gullo and Howard Arnold posted 50s as Randolph defeated Busti, 347-341. Reed Johnson had a 50 for Busti.

Ray Lee also had a perfect score in leading Carroll past Celoron, 339-335,

Gullo and Frazier were the High Veterans while Arnold was the High Super Senior Veteran.

Busti’s Hannah Bulard shot a 46 for High Lady while teammate Dawson Diethrick has a 48 for High Sub Junior.

For Carroll, which recorded its first win of the season, Lee’s 50 was good for High Veteran and Austin Anderson had a 48 for High Junior.

RANDOLPH (347): Howard Arnold 50, Marty Gawron 50, Dennis Gullo 50, Skip Frazier 50, Clarence Dickerson 49, Gary Sickles Sr. 49, D.M. Bifaro 49.

BUSTI (341): Reed Johnson 50, Paul McKotch 49, Bill Kestler 49, Elijah Trawick 49, George Kirin 48, Scott McKotch 48, Jim Kestler Jr. 48.

CARROLL (339): Ray Lee 50, Fred Callahan 49, Alex Kyler 49, Austin Anderson 48, Jerry Martin 48, Mike Markey 48, Evan Norton 47.

CELORON (335): Dave Kingsley 49, Scott Carter 48, Jerry Willett 48, Kevin Sturzenbecker 48, Randy Lineman 48, Dalton Becker 47, Tim Young 47,