Moon Brook CC Site Of 27th Annual LINKS Charity

Above are the winning teams from the 27th annual LINKS Charity Pro-Am at Moon Brook Country Club on Monday. In photo at left, representing the Men’s Division, are, from the left, Scott Crist, Doug Peterson, LPGA pro Kristy McPherson, Matt Hartweg and Rich Dixon. Submitted photo
Pictured above, representing the Mixed Division, are Brandon Wade, Isaiah Swerdon, LPGA pro Emma Jandel, Michael Streed and Katie Swerdon. Submitted photo

The 27th annual LINKS Charity Pro-Am was held Monday at Brook Country Club.

Leading the way in the Men’s Division was the team of LPGA pro Kristy McPherson, Rich Dixon, Scott Crist, Matt Hartweg and Doug Peterson with a 57, beating out the team of LPGA pro Amy Read, Tom Short, Tom Reading, Charlie Moss and Steve Bowman which also entered the clubhouse with a 57.

The rest of the scores in that division were Emily Childs, Pete Scheira, Ken Lawton, Mike Peters and Jake Dwaileebe, 60; Nicole Jeray, Bill Turfitt, Dennis Kemmeter, Cliff Brazie and Lance Pangborn, 61; Katherine Perry, Fred Pellerito, Dan Cheney, Jerome Lee Yaw and Andrew Liuzzo, 61; Lisa Ferrero, Tom Holt, Dean Weaver, Gary Johnson and Tim Magnuson, 61; Kathleen Ekey, Herb Hotchkiss, Jake Park, Jake Kane and James Park, 62; Rachel Rohanna, Jim Smith, Jim Latona, Garfield Meeks and Tom Hahn, 63; Lee Ann Walker, Tim Shults, Richard Hamister, Mike Roberts and Roy Glosser, 63; Cindy Miller, Gerald Carlson, Mike Seiberg, Tad Cronin and Shannon Davis, 63; Marrianne Morris, John Bloomstine, Wayne Rishell, Joe Bloomstine and Mark Maytum, 65; Nannette Hill, Noah Allen, Joe Scalise, Chris D’Angelo and Chris Srowada, 66; Moira Dunn, Todd Frangione, Robert Schifano, Dan Bender and Mike Winship, 66; Patty Jordan, Henry Cook, Dave DePoincy, Jon Stineman and David Kinsley, 69; Kate Golden, Byron Bilicki, John Cecco, Cole Stearns and Greg Certo 69.

Taking home the Mixed Division was the team of Emma Jandel, Brandon Wade, Michael Streed, Isaiah Swerdon and Katie Swerdon with a 61.

The rest of the scores were Jackie Gallagher-Smith, Mary Blair, Sally Scalise, Betsy Morando and Jennifer Stein, 63; LaRee Sugg, Peter Sullivan, Rick White, Lauri Beaton and Brooke Caulkins, 63; Donna Wilkins, Hadley Weinberg, Kim Meabon, Jehuu Caulcrick and Ben Lindquist, 63; Danah Bordner, George Dusckas, Michelle Robertson, Gregg Garcia and Don Sieber, 65; Jean Reynolds, Sheri Perdziak, Mark Dzaimski, David Kurpiewski and Rick Vienne, 66; Kendall Dye, Pam Shay, Mike Frewer and Jeff Sell, 66; Marlene Davis, Joshua Ball, Gordon Jaynes, Allan Johnson, and Christine Silzle, 66; Audra Burks, Mary McCleary, Tad Wright, Dan Mergenhagen and Kevin McCleary, 67; Sara Banke, Greg Saufley, Rebecca Allen, Tim Vetter and Nicole Allen, 70; and Darren Morton, Lori Johnson, Mike Pearson and Dave Cox, 70.